Monday, January 2, 2012

Junk Mail Stationery- sending words of inspiration

So I got to thinking...
How do I wish to start the New Year?
Better yet, what could I offer, of myself, to others?
A word of inspiration! 

I came across this video by yellow owl workshop.
This Junk Mail Stationary tutorial... was perfect!!
This was just what I was looking for, something to do with all the extra holiday wrapping paper
and other scraps I had laying around.

My wheels started turning!
I had purchased this tablet of Inspirational Quotes some time ago, and had yet to put it to good use.

I had downloaded these cute free download birdies I got from this site Here
With a little thought and creativity...
I decided to glue them onto decorated paper clips and attach a quote.
(There is a reason why, I did not post a picture of my finished craft.)

My next thought was...
"Wouldn't it be nice to send these out?
An artful thought, an inspirational quote... sent by a little birdie."

I got it... a little bird told me!!

These are a gift, from me to you. **
A little "artful" creation made with love! 
I wish to start the year off by sending you a spark of inspiration...
For you to know you are loved, and to share my talents
by gifting you with one of these artful clips.
(I think these are adorable; can be used in your art journal, as a bookmark, 
add as an embellishment, whatever your heart desires!)


Email me at
Leave me your mailing address.
The FIRST four to respond will receive my gift.

Let's keep making art and inspiring each other... a little bird told me!

Happy Monday


  1. Thanks for sharing that video. The wheels are turning in my head now!

    You're so creative. I'd love to have one of the quotes. I think you already have my address if not let me know.

  2. Kiss kiss hug hug.. I already love everything from you???!!!! Hope all is well!!! It's freezing here!!! Seriously!! Brrrrrre!!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I would love one if still possible! Hugs, Valerie

  4. I enjoyed the video and your ideas are brilliant too.

  5. Darn it pouty poo I'm nit number four. Great creations as always ;) So inspiring

  6. that is a terrific video, thanks for sharing. I have gotta try that:)

  7. I am pretty sure I am too late to receive these.. :( I am sure they are lovely! xo hugs.. beautiful idea!

  8. Oh ladies... no need to worry!
    I'll see what I can do *hugs*

  9. Ooh, I'm sure I'm too late to receive one, but I hope you will post a picture of what they look like once you have sent them out! Thanks!!