Monday, January 9, 2012

Art Heals

No need to dig deep, it will lay beneath the surface...
or in this case the canvas!

For some keeping a written journal is wonderful therapy. 
Placing our thoughts down, helps us move on.
If you interested in learning more on this process click here .

Art Therapy, or as I call it "Healing through art"...
The definition varies, but most commonly leans towards the art-making process as therapeutic.
In most cases it is a symbolic self-expression, communicated in a visual form, art!

This mixed media painting was created by my daughter, Ashley.
It was just too incredible to pass up, I had to take some snap shots...
and share it with you.

She is a very private person, and I respect that.
 As she enters into adulthood, becoming a young women...
It can become confusing at times.

As I looked over her work of art...
It was so beautiful expressed.
There is such feeling to it.

"I get it... my dearest daughter!"
I love you
you want your freedom, yet there is something missing in your life.

My only wish is...
keep painting my lovely daughter, you will find those answers you are searching for!

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks, Valerie! *hugs*
    Glad you enjoyed your visit. :]

  2. I love that line at the very bottom - I've got to be me to face the life thats ahead of me. SOunds like a familiar lyric. Her artwork is so nice!

  3. I've to to be FREE to face the life that's ahead of me...;)

  4. beautiful work.. and I love the words!