Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Rolodex Epiphany

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org
Discribes the definition of epiphany as a feeling.
A process of presenting objects in a way no one had thought to do before;
the result was intended to induce an epiphany of "what art is".

How about an epiphany of...

An Altered Rolodex 
** Valentine **

created by: April Cole

Altered Rolodex Card Project

photos - participating artist - project

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love your alterations, but I have not heard of a Rolodex and do not know what they really are. Please enlighten me!

  2. LOVE them!!! So sweet- you are sooo creative:)

  3. Hello Ladies! :]
    So glad you stopped by for a visit ((hugs))
    A Rolodex card is a specially shaped index card, with notches on the bottom to be snapped onto a rotating file.
    There is a variety of office supply stores which carry both the Rolodex Rotary File and usually come already supplied with the cards. Or You can also, buy a used one.
    Hope that was helpful, Gwen.

  4. Love your Valentine Rolodex cards!!!! Just what I need is another art project!!! It has really helped me. You were right. Art does heal, and at worst, it makes it easier for sure! My first of four dental cleanings that I was nervous about was a breeze!!! Now I'm going to have to think about Valentine Rolodex cards!!! You are so talented and so NICE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. These are wonderful April. I'm loving the buttons. You'll inspire me to dig into my ATCs yet!

  6. These look so good. I love the different background - colours and textures and the embellishments are gorgeous!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving so many positive comments on my blog.