Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday's Lovely Links

Enjoy your visit... and these delightful links.

is a self-taught mixed-media artist.
She loves to create anything from scratch!

Have a look at these adorable Domino Pendants 
Vickie creates here .

Lynne Hoppe

art room

Lynne's artwork something to be admired.

A stationary and design studio.
Their site, sketch bookis a tribute to all that inspires them
as well as the things they love.


I know it is only January... I couldn't resist!

Yarn Hearts


Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Lovely links again! I used to make those yarn-hearts with the students at school when I was teaching, fond memories for me! Hugs, Valerie

  2. So glad Valerie, I could bring back such a fond memory. *hugs*

  3. April I love those hearts! did you make the metal hearts yourself? Simple yet wonderful!
    Lynne's work is amazing.
    AND lastly, that baby in the video made my day!!
    Thanks for a super post:))

  4. I really enjoy your Friday posts! ALWAYS someone nice and inspiring that I am happy to get to meet!

  5. I loved this post! I always like to see what others are doing out there and I'm going to check these sites out! Happy Saturday :)

  6. Love the yarn hearts! As soon as Xmas and New Years was over, my mind went to Valentine's Day! For art stuff, that is! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Great links, April! Those domino pendants are very cool, and I love the look of Lynne's work...makes me want to try drawing a portrait over text. (That should be interesting! lol) And what a great workspace she has! Thanks for sharing.