Monday, April 28, 2014

available light

these days... 
I am chasing the natural lighting in my studio. 
This painting is far from being complete.
As the only invitation a find attractive to "getting my art on" in the sunlight that appears through the window for a short period of time. 

"Hello, sunshine!" my soul appears alert and eager to create... 
This painting is defiantly evolving. 
Nothing like what I started to portray, the story line keepings changing. 
I also have been working with "out of the usual" color scheme for me. 
This does not make me feel uncomfortable or out of place. 
I ask myself why? 
because these days... I FEEL ANYTHING BUT COMFORTABLE or in place. 
I am finding this out, as I am totally present, productively painting this canvas.
I live outside myself. 
The person that is seen by others is judged, mistreated, and disliked by the impact this chronic illness has had on their selfish lives. 

Boy, what a story this painting will have to tell once it is completed. 

It is a shame, I have feelings too.  
Tomorrow another day. Another day of available light. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Layering is a process...

at least it is for me!
I must admit, I don't have any other way to go about it.
This is the process I practice when applying this playful technique.  
It just feels right. 
When I want to create any art work with layers of mediums, I rest in-between. 
Take a deep breath and breathe... look, feel, and think about how the medium reacted to my action. Afterwards, move on to the next layer. 

No doubt, I am not the only one who practices this ritual.

Monday, April 21, 2014

wrapping myself in color...

 pocketbook- art project 
Where you will find me these days... all wrapped up in color. 
Creating fun, artful projects for the pure joy and happiness it brings me. 
The thought of, "because I can!" comes to mind. 
No pressure. 
No rules.
With this state of mind, comes a certain "freedom".
It reflects in our artwork, don't you think? 
This pocketbook project will be shared among our art community HERE 
for an exciting event being scheduled this month. 
As we exchange our talents within the group, we also are building friendships.
Amazing right? 
Playing with paper, paint and making friends along the way... 
Life is beautiful, life is full of color. 
materials used:
recycle envelopes- junk mail
painted paper
rubber stamps
acrylic paint 
glue stick 
wrap yourself in color. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

pen pal project in the making...

pocket book 
upcoming event in our group- The Studio- artist community
Honestly... is there anything more inspiring than creating something 
with your hands and heart?! 
I am working extra hard on this SPECIAL project.
Creating an art demonstration of this pocket book, 
tweaking a few steps along the way, altering materials, and time duration; wish to make sure this art project (pocket book) will work for the group. Last, I will work on a simple binding for this book.  
Love the direction this art project is taking me... matter of fact, I just know this will be treasured once received. 
DO CHECK BACK, I will share a material list and the finish project in an upcoming post.
Isn't it exciting to get your hands and heart filled with colorful ideas? 
Interested in joining in the fun? It all starts here:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

in the studio

chipboard panels- the process of exploring these panels continues. 
I am having a wonderful time adding multiple layers, exploring with a verity of mediums is where the excitement begins...
this chipboard panel was explored using these elements: 
gelatos, watercolors, acrylic paints, stencils, stamps, charcoal pencil, collage elements, 
and distressed inks.
once again, I was not searching for perfection, just exploring and allowing the mediums to guide me through the process. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

tag- stencil art

Big City... back from California.
where the sun never seems to rest. 
the heat was on while I was in Los Angeles, 85 degrees at 10pm. 
people awake and places still open past midnight...
to remember my travels, I decided to create a little art memorabilia!
from card-stock I cut out a city stencil, used acrylic inks, 
and a charcoal pencil (white) for the shading. 
oh my, those big city lights! 
honestly, I am a "city girl" at heart. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

in the studio...

textured panels
exploring more with these chipboard panels. 
no expectations, same attitude... different approach. 
layers of paint, ruff sandpaper, and joint compound... panels are holding up well. 
Art therapy time. 
These panels speak to me-  
showing me even after going through a difficult time; their beauty till shows through.


Monday, April 7, 2014

How about a little tea with your mail...??

mail art envelope- full of mixed media goodness!
theme tea cups & tiara's 
This month The Team from Altered Pages is promoting two incredible sites, 
I wish to share- and
We were asked to create mail art with this theme. 
Tea. Mail. Art. 
I'm in... now onto the art part. Enjoy. 
Layers of distressed inks, acrylic paint, stamping, charcoal pencil shading, watercolor, wash tape, and collage elements... these envelopes were up through the test. 
Held up well and made it through the entire process. 
I had an amazing time creating these mail art pieces.
Honestly... can you find ANYTHING more exciting than mail art?

~ In the end, throwing together some yummy layers of texture using paints, stamps, 

and of coarse my favorite collage sheets from makes any day, a great day for tea!


Friday, April 4, 2014

in the studio...

chipboard panels 
approaching these with a whole new attitude.  
with no expectations. perfection not allowed. 
exploring. playing. dreaming... art therapy time.
These chipboard panels can take a lot of abuse... I can pile on the layers. 
Texture heaven I tell you, adding tons of mediums and where it leads me... who knows!
I have a total of 8 chipboard panels: 
cut some of the boards different sizes, to add interest to the finished project. 
This just might make a wonderful art book, will post more panels as I create them.