Monday, March 31, 2014


Here is super fun way, to combine the elements we simply love to create and collect
into these artful tags.
Come along with me... I will show you how.   
arrows can be punched/precut from a stencil using painted papers, collage, or paper scraps from previous projects.  
steps to achieve this tag: 
first coat applied gesso ( black)
applied acrylic paint (white) then sanded a little to bring out the black background.
stencil in circle shapes using waterproof pen/marker.
paint stencil (question mark) charcoal edges.
glued confetti arrows using a UHU stick. 
steps to achieve tag two:
follows the same process as listed above, with a few added techniques and mediums. 
gesso, white paint/sand - add a third layer using a neutral color. 
stencil (circles) applied using acrylic paint. 
collage image source - HERE
- altered image adding colored pencils/watercolor 
(glue image using a matte medium) 
- applied a (black) trim (pitt pen) around arrow and distressed the edges (distress ink) 
washi tape added. 
there you have it... have fun with your collection of confetti. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

journal spread

communication breakdown
a combustion of confusion... causing frustration and a barrier is built.
how easily one's concerns can be ignored by another, who allows the walls to be built.
to have your world turned upside-down... and left with hurtful words. 
ignoring the issue at hand... 
is setting the ground work of a false hope that EVERYTHING IS OKAY. 
dont assume it will go away... 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trending Tuesday - stencils

the call to going beyond the norm...
Altered Pages Design Team project
Having multiple uses with one stencil
add a few collage techniques
pop in a tag (of course) 
apply several layers of paint, and we can call it a "TRENDY TUESDAY!" 
This is a two page art journal spread. 
Using one stencil to achieve both the painted and doodle effect applied on an off the page as seen above here.
1- paint on stencil with acrylic paint/sponge applicator applying dabbing technique.
2. using a waterproof (fine tip) marker trace the inside of stencil shape.   
The tag and collage image are added after the layers of acrylic paint are applied; background effect. 
I like to implement images of people, for they alone, can help move along a story in a journal. 
A tag can also become an added addition with many functions to offer:
- apply writing on the back side of tag. ( it becomes a hidden note ) 
- attach to any side of the page with washi tape creating a flap to your journal. ( tip-in )
- paste a photo directly to the tag add embellishments. 
- sew tag onto page. 
Honestly, there are endless options to incorporating stencils, collage images or tags to any art journal... for there is no direct rules. 
An art journal's mission is to allow for "play" and freedom of self-expression.
I personally, will move around all my paper objects countless times, before settling on gluing them down permanently. 
As you see here... this art journal layout will allow plenty of room for writing.
Stencils and tags are "TRENDY" indeed... 
I still believe, we can always find a way to use them "BEYOND THE NORM".

- more stencils can be found HERE
- awesome tags HERE
- collage images I use in my artwork- digital collage sheets HERE

This artwork was made possible, because Altered Pages believes in creative people like you and I. 

visit the whole Design Team  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

collect. collaborate. collage.

art cards - series 
my crafted collection of heaven... 
a random collection of paper, images, and whatnots... 
coming together to tell a story. 
each one is perceived differently by the eyes of the beholder. 
originality at its best. a story only one will find personal... 
only one that will capture the heart. 
each art card is designed and created using collage elements, 
mounted on heavy card stock, and sealed with an acrylic varnish. 

enjoy creating 

Monday, March 17, 2014

what is collage chemistry?

the result of compounding different products to achieve the transformation of their prior substance, therefor resulting in a work of art. 

tag project: 
using products from Robin's Nest and collage images from Altered Pages these delightful tags were constructed, crafted, and achieved. 
great chemistry don't you think? 
these tags were achevied using these techniques: 
applying acrylic inks, patterned stencils, collage images from HERE
paper source from HERE, glue with matte medium, and brush edges of tags with archival ink. 

Visit Robin's Nest for most craft products. 
Who knows what chemistry you will find there! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Creating a Triptych

mini tutorial 
I am super excited to share this project with you! 
Actually, this is my very FIRST attempt to creating a triptych. 
Our Facebook group The Studio - artist community  is having an event- Triptych Swap.
This swap is being hosted by a one of our dedicated member's, Artist Diana Darden who decided on having participants create a triptych with a Spring theme. 

Let us begin... 
1. download on card-stock, this template Triptych
2. using corrugated cardboard, cut out shape. 
 3. apply layers of acrylic paint. add depth and texture using stencils.
4. using rubber-stamp images on coffee stained paper as accents to embellish the theme.
5. position your images; once you are happy with the arrangement, apply craft glue.
6. note: this triptych is required to have BOTH sides fully crafted. 
paper dollies are applied with matte medium. once dry, apply layers of acrylic paint for dimension.
7. the door hinges are carefully hand-sewn together using embroidery floss. 
triptych project complete!
enjoy the tutorial.

Monday, March 10, 2014

journal spread

ashes to ashes...
thoughts during the process:
That which you create in beauty and goodness and truth lives on for all time to come. Don't spend your life accumulating material objects that will only turn to dust and ashes. 
what will your dust leave?