Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thrift Store Therapy

I just love taking a trip to our local thrift store... 
rummaging through stuff, you never know what treasures you might find!

I was in  search of finding a book I could use to alter for Book-Of-Days 2012.
I had a few already laying around in my studio, but for this art journal project 
I wanted a larger size.
(honestly...I need to get busy, and caught up with the everyone else who has joined this project.)

I am very excited and eager to get playing with my pages... 
so I thought, a trip to the thrift store would be the perfect place to find a book.

Plus, it is so much fun!
I also, gathered these extra treasures right up into my cart.

Van Gogh - coffee mug
(what fun it will be, drinking my morning coffee out of this cup!)
*50 cents

set of 12 cards - Stylis *75 cents
Tag in a Bag set of 12 (really cute) *25 cents each
(I can use the cards to say "hello" to my artsy friends!)

vintage hangers (2) *75 cents each
(been searching for these for some time)

I was super excited about finding these!
(deck of "fortune telling cards")

Perfect for my art journaling!

These darling tea cups! $1.45 each
(way too sweet to pass up!)

** Total $7.15 **

Almost forgot... yes I did find a book to alter!
I will be working on that today in my art studio.
Will post pictures very soon...

Happy Thursday!


  1. U did find some wonderful treasures.. good for you.. those vintage hangers are great.. I found 3 this past fall..and love them!

  2. found some great things. I love those fortune telling cards.

    I need some good thrift store therapy. All the ones we have around here are the pits. They just have junk....and I mean the kind that no one wants! I miss a really good thrift store. I can always find lots of goodies.

  3. Great finds! I love thrifting too!

  4. What lovely things! I love thrift stores, too, and flea markets, and never come away empty handed either! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Don't you LOVE thrift shops?! These are great finds... good for you!!
    Had a great holiday break & finally catching up on blogging. i love your blog. So many inspiring messages... (that "book a days 2012" sounds right up my alley. i'll look it up.
    Happy new "creative" year to you April!!

  6. Wish I had a thrift store like yours! Looks like you found some great buys!