Thursday, June 30, 2011

Being Me-Truthfully

being me.
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Being me
I am grateful for the journey that life has taken me through.
Not the easy way...
no simple choices to make...
sacrificed more to get less...
made mistakes along the way...
have carried a very heavy heart...
felt the empty, cold, dark space, that fills your soul...
the only thing that could ever fill it up, repair the damage,
revive my soul... 
was being creative.
Making art!
Becoming my true "being".
Sharing my talents...
Inspiring others...
Filling the world with color...
Dancing with patterns & designs...
Playing with paints...
Giggling with textures...
Smiling with stitches.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday- What do you wish to take a break from?

I wish to take a break from...
the city
The fast pace of city life.
Crowed streets...
were everyone needs to get were they are going
A break from large crows.
No one waves or says hello...
and if it does not effect them, 
they will not bother to care.
That is life in the city... they say.
Because of the effect of not caring...
I get to see such things in our city
 that truly effect us all as a whole.

The litter bugs who do their job so well everyday!
or some of our beaches

laced with trash.
Such a shame!
I do my part.
Pick up what I can, when I see it.
With a population of close to 
4, 000, 000
in Los Angeles alone.
We could do a lot more.
It is very hard for me to find peace with the city life.
I wish to be nestled in the woods
where silence surrounds me.
I place where I can create peace from within.
Where I see more land & sea than buildings.

To inspire my creative side.
Where all is respected
On all levels of life.
There is room for growth.
A place stress free...
a place for my soul to rest.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nifty-Thrifty Tuesday

First I need to
I did not post on Monday.
Matter of fact...
I stayed in bed, curtains closed, 
asked for everyone to be as quiet as possible,
turned my phone off, put my laptop off to the side,
and begged for mercy from God...
please make this
 M I G R A I N E!!!
go away.

I am not 100% better.
Compared to yesterday, I'm on my way.
 onto something more uplifting and inspiring.
How about another Nifty-Thrifty project?

You can create your very own
Artsy House
Sounds like fun?
then lets get started...

You can use any size milk carton.
I happen to have a creamer carton handy.
I've even thought about using the small lunch milk cartons
and creating a mobile.
(this would look adorable)

I created a mixture of liquid starch and water.
Cut strips of newspaper.
Dip newspaper into mixer and apply to milk carton.
Let dry!

Next you will want to apply:
acrylic paint
vintage or scrap paper
Mod Podge
(no rules to being creative, add what you wish)


Artsy House
Enjoy yourself a nifty-thrifty day!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Watercolor Background- Transparent

Can we practice a similarity between...
people and watercolors?

created by
April Cole
Wouldn't that be great if people where transparent like watercolors...?
It's just a thought.
To be who we are at all times... without judgement.
As like watercolors that drip down the paper, will allow this process to take shape.
As human beings we respond to our surroundings.
We form a positive outlook, or perhaps an intense reaction to the elements that are present.
Likewise, watercolors will apply the same behavior... 
depending on what medium you apply it to.
Our lives can be filled with positive feelings, thoughts, and ideas that are bold; lively with color!
Other times in our life... they feel thin, worn out, and can easily be washed away.
We accept the transparency  of watercolors; knowing it is the amount of water we apply to this medium.
Shouldn't we accept that with our self and others...?
We could apply things to life much easier if only, we were more transparent.
Enjoy a watercolor Saturday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Lovely Links

I am thrilled that it is

You know what that means...
 link love.
Let's get started...
This blog is packed with hundreds of craft tutorials!

Look at this adorable basket pincushion! 

Heather Smith

The title of her blog speaks for itself.
I am absolutely in love with this...
Fabric Scraps Tassel
which you see here in her studio.
Lets not forget our coffee...
Meet Christina
Take a look at these fantastic 
Art Journal Pages...

The Mini "Smash" Book
There is so much "eye candy" for you to enjoy...
you are going to be glad you paid a visit!
Check out the wonderful
 free tutorials  
that are available on her blog too!
Last but not least...
What do we all have
a passion for as creative people?
Live Your Art
Meet Casey
What a wonderfully talented artist!
You are going to be thrilled you stopped by to visit her blog.
Junk Mail Art Journal Tutorial
I do hope you find some inspiration for these talented artists...
Enjoy them all.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hydrangea Bliss- Altered Cardboard Project

 There is just something about...
In the summer time!

Hydrangea Bliss
Altered Book Project
page 14

"By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower."

watercolor paper 96lb. 
oil pastels
acrylic paints
scrap paper
masking tape

Enjoy yourself a little hydrangea bliss!

Free Download

A Very Happy Thursday To You!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday- What do you wish for this summer.

Just living is not enough...
One must have sunshine, freedom, 
and a little flower.
~Hans Andersen

I believe...
 summer allows us to have all of those elements mentioned above.
Those beautiful sunny mornings...
where just the sight of that green grass glistening 
lifts your spirit.

To walk barefoot...
feel girly in a dress...
catch fireflies...
 dance in the moonlight...
Heather Leigh

and to be silly-hearted...
that is my sense of freedom!
And heaven begins...
where you see a field of flowers that never end.
Enjoy a wishful summer!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Story Does Your Hands Hold?

I've realized at times...
I don't always notice what is on my hands.
As I leave out the door...
I got paint or ink still remaining, for others to see.
I could be ashamed...
I'm not !
My hands tell a story.
I am an artist, a creator, 
grow healthy vegetables for my family to enjoy, 
stitch a doodle, hammer, saw, and sometimes drill.
these hands at times, can look a bit worn and over worked...
I am okay with that !

What story does your hands tell...?
Enjoy your Tuesday.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Studio Updates-

Monday Madness...
- Thrifting - Altering Old Book - Creating - Book Order - Crafting -
Over the weekend I was busy...
thrift shopping, yard sale searching, creating artful crafts, 
purchased a few magazines/with a coupon,
received a book order form amazon.
Productive weekend indeed!

Let's get started...
Found these books at a yard sale
for free!
They just wanted to get rid of them, imagine that!
Rummaging through the thrift store, 
which is always super fun!
I came across these straw wreaths .25 each
These definitely can home with me.

found some muslin, cotton linen, and 
this beautiful black/white printed fabric.

I've got some great crafting ideas for all these treasures
stay tuned...
I recreated this project
Vintage Book Expanding File

old readers digest book
pocket size expanding file
decorative tape
tacky glue
acrylic paints
bubble wrap ( layering & texture)
plastic I.D. pocket & a tag
I created this wreath.

Added this adorable wire heart that I created.
Thought it added a touch of sweetness! 
Books & Magazines... 
how I simply adore them all !
I could swallow them up by the mouth full.

Happy Monday!
What is on your plate for the week ahead?