Tuesday, September 23, 2014

rabbit trails...

productive yes.
tying up lose ends, is not always that easy to do.  
working with textures on a very small scale (mini glue-book/round robin) 
watercolor splashes are always a delight... 
remembering a very precious moment, over this summer. (grand-baby Aydenn)
creating mail art is always inspiring and fun to deliver & receive. 
tons and tons of "word/phrase" clippings from vintage books... 
another day, another sunset. down the rabbit hole we go.
chasing the rabbit.

Monday, September 15, 2014

birth of a miracle...

meet Jack
our newest member of the family... 
9 LBS. 4 OZ. 19" Long 
Jack Emilio - named after two very important men in our family.
My father... Her Brother. 
Here is my daughter after 13 hours in labor. 
I think she looks amazing! 
Little Jack, we are all so blessed to have you with us, to be a part of the family, 
and to celebrate the joy of life in the presence of God.  
I could hardly wait to hold him! 
A dear friend gifted me with her talents, Veronica J. Fortune 
and drew this portrait of the two of us. 
This grandmother ( Nana ) is completely in love!! 
I thought becoming a Mother was the best thing in the world, 
until I became a Grandmother.  
Blessed beyond words... 
I thank God everyday for BOTH my grand-babies. 
I also have been working with fiber art. 
A little curious about this style & movement of art. 
Before I go out and purchase a real loom of any kind, thought I would dab in the art first. 
I created this handmade cardboard loom, used baker's twine, and then decided to house one of my collage " word & phrase " clippings...
Enjoying the process. 
I have created several other weaves using different fibers, twine, and wire... 
I see a loom in the near future.   
celebrating life, new beginnings, and change... 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

California Trip

the state of sunshine
Blue skies, warm temperatures, and a sense of home. 
Yes, I am a native of California. She was good to me while I paid a visit.  
We can not forget about Hollywood...
beach vans, pelicans, and surf boards.
Retro boulevard signs...
the sculptor trying to get noticed: art on display. 
Back at the hotel, I was inspired to create this tiny pocket to hold stamps along with a letter a wrote to my Son who is deployed overseas.  
Feel in love with this imprint, which caught my eye on the sidewalk, entering this cafe/restaurant The Stage Cafe 
Amazing gate entrance, right? 
As my trip there to California was to see my specialist, dentist, and eye doctor... 
I still made the best of it. 
Got to visit with my youngest daughter. We had a old fashion "girl sleep-over night" 
with a movie, late night chatting, ice cream, popcorn, and of coarse chocolate! 
Took a few evening strolls, because it was 89 degrees at 9:30 pm. 
I feel less pain, my illnesses are more manageable...in the warm dry climate. 

Time to get back home, 
there was something very special await! 

I can not wait to share... 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where did I go...?

around here 
my world got turned upside-down and flipped around.
Let me start from the beginning, 
I thought I was going to be able to work my lifestyle around a 2 year old 
and a very pregnant mommy! 
To answer the question, "how did that work for you?" 
In a good way. 
I passed up my art studio, tossed aside the paints, called of any existing projects, canceled all commissions and yes... gave up trying!!  
I spent an AMAZING summer with my family... this was only the begin of an adventurous time for us all, as we were anticipating the arrival of my 2nd grandchild. 
If I had to do it all over again... ABSOLUTELY. 

As I slowly make a comeback, posting here on my Blog, clearing off the dust in my art studio, and nurturing my Fackbook Group- The Studio- artist community  there is still much to share! 
Thank you 
for being loyal blog reader, patient, and supportive throughout our artist community. 

Welcome Back