Thursday, January 30, 2014

:: around here ::
keeping organized in florescent pink Filofax
getting a ZOOM! teeth whitening from my favorite dentist
a trip to California and loving the succulents 
creating ::Art Cards:: for our group The Studio- a thriving artist community
baking chocolate-chip cookies using this recipe

Monday, January 27, 2014

She is an angel... to me.

:: art doll ::
These uniquely handcrafted/mixed media art dolls 
are making there way back into the spotlight, here in my studio. 
I am excited. 
Be My Angel
dimensions: approx. 7" x 2" 

You will find this "one-of-a-kind" art doll for sale in my Blog Shop
she is an angel... don't you think? 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a peek inside...

:: my scrappy journal ::
a paper ephemera 
 a collection of vintage paper scraps, wallpaper, book pages, 
tissue paper, washi tape, business cards and so much more.
Adore your passions... I DO!! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

alter something sweet...

:: altoid mint tin ::
art project for all
This altered treat includes a tiny accordion booklet. 
Just look at these amazing images... I could not resist!
These imagines can be found HERE

materials used for this art project:
altoid tin
vintage paper 
card-stock paper (color)
collage sheets
matte medium
archival ink 

give yourself a treat, alter something! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

:: washi tape :: 
Yes I can admit, I have a passion for Washi Tape!
These are manufactured by a company called Scotch
I was able to pick these up at Office Max. 
Word of the street is... you can find these beauties at Target, Staples, and Office Depot. 
If you are as passionate as I am, about your tape, this is well worth your trip!
The prices for these are $3.99 - $2.99 per roll. 
Good Luck! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

collaborate. collage. create.

:: art cards :: 
a little collection of heaven.
Each collage tells its story...
person, place or thing... 
what one might relate to...
another it will unravel a memory, pulling at one's heart strings.
Each card is designed and created 
using collage elements, mounted on heavy card stock, and sealed with an acrylic varnish. 
Enjoy the process, always! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

updates from the studio!

I am now a designer for an ** incredible ** team!
I have joined up with some of the most talented, creative artist's ever.
I am HONORED and SUPER EXCITED to explore the possibilities that are in front of me…
EAGER to explore, create, and inspire others with the art projects I produce. 

CHEERS TO… Altered Pages

CHEERS TO… "making happy art!" 

CHEERS FOR… having the faith and confidence in me as an artist & designer. 

Art Badge
What better way to celebrate than to create an Art Badge for this occasion?
- using a collage image from
- corrugated cardboard
- paper streamer, ribbons, embroidery floss, and strings
- acrylic paints
- glue (amazing GOOP)

You can find more information about
me and the other Design Team Members of Altered Pages  HERE


Friday, January 3, 2014

create yourself an award

:: art badge :: 
a celebration of who and what you are… deserves an award! 

This collaboration of artsy goodness was to inspire and incorporate the idea to 
celebrate ourself as an artist.
The event took place within our group- The Studio- artist community  
hosted by me and played with many talented members. 
be present. celebrate. create. 
isn't that where is all begins?  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


:: one word :: can mean so much….
my beliefs
my self worth
my purpose 
my call to action
my mission

Last year 2013- I choose "embrace" 
I knew I was up against a lot of new changes, planning our move out of state. 
Hopping this one little word embrace would serve me well, keep me focused.
To embrace the new challenges and changes I would face. 
Honestly, no matter how hard I worked within my means… 
this one word "embrace" was not the focal point of my world! 
By "embracing" events that have taken place in my life, I have been fooling myself into a lifestyle that is completely, very difficult for me.
Creating a false idea, "everything is going to work out, just need time to adjust, and I will acclimate to my surroundings." 
Meanwhile, I am being misread by others who claim to be concerned or care. 
Yes, I wrote "claim". 
Because I BELIEVE if one is to care… they would understand that, these changes are difficult and somewhat unbearable for someone suffering with a chronic illness.
One with no cure, have a difficult time with treatment of medications, have no control over the symptoms, and when Fibromyalgia decides to play out my day.
EMBRACE might have been a wonderful word for me… misread by everyone else! 

I welcome my word-  "define" for 2014.

I leave you with this link to an article on the subject of "decide" fantastic read: