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Mixed - Media 
I am a professional artist. 
25 years experience
Curriculum Developer/Program Coordinator

  This blog showcases how passionate I am to create, my calling to teach others, my love for mixed-media, the excitement "process art" captures, and my arousal to paint. This "ONE ARTIST LIFE" holds a story, an intimate journey into my life; inviting all to follow along. Offering DIY art projects, hosting workshops, art challenges/swaps, art journal practices, and demonstrating the use of turning recyclable materials into works of art. 

No matter what level of experience one has, my teaching method has and is to produce a positive outcome for all. 
Having students develop the courage to draw outside the lines, always remember "leave NO white space", art is not a race, building confidence in one's own unique artist style, and truly engage freely in the process;
 is the GREATEST outcome, BIGGEST achievement.
Those who have followed along side my blog have, received valuable content, inspiration to be creative, and have stepped out of their own comfort-zone. 


Graduate of Otis Collage of Art and Design 1989

(AA) Degree in Graphic Design / Production Art 1991

PHD Biblical Studies  2007


Valley of the Sun YMCA - Preschool Programs Director 

Kid City Christian School - Lead Teacher - Early Childhood Education Dept. 

Gordon YMCA - Curriculum Specialist / Visual Arts Program

McGroarty Arts Center - Visual Arts Teacher - Program/Events/Gallery Coordinator 

Saint James Catholic School - Head Dept. Art Teacher

Valley Christian School - Year Around Art Camp-  Senior Adviser

Options for Youth Program - Program Coordinator

Valley Alternative Magnet School - After School Art Program- Director


Spring ART Camp Program "Jungle Art" 
Curriculum designed and structured utilizing art fundamentals. 
Art Objective: Students/Campers discovered the wild life through sketching, painting, ceramics, crafts, and dramatic play. Taking on a new approach to explore and learn about some of the most dangerous animals that live among the jungle. 
Theme: jungle
Subject: animals habitat 
Gordon YMCA 
Sumner, WA. 

Summer ART Camp Program "Jungle Art II" 
Curriculum designed and structured utilizing art fundamentals.
Art Objective: Students/Campers are introduced into art history to motivate one's curiosity to explore art materials and experiment with different ways of making art using the "styles" of famous artists. 
Theme: jungle
Subject: Focus on Famous Artists (art history) jungle paintings 
Gordon YMCA 
Sumner, WA. 

Summer ART Camp Program "Art Around The World" 
Curriculum designed and structured utilizing art fundamentals. 
Art Objective: Students/Campers focus on a collection of counties and cultures. Experience new/different cultures from around the world; implementing tradition, history, art, music, and food.
Theme: Countries/Culture/History
Subject: multiple learning opportunities; a journey around the world
Gordon YMCA
Sumner, WA. 


2019    Oro Valley Public library Art Exhibit 2018
Oro Valley, Az.

2018   Rhubarb Days Festival 2018 - Program/ Booth Coordinate  
Sumner, WA. 

2017  Jillian Estates Senior Living - Activity Director/ Program Coordinator 
Puyallup, WA. 

Coupeville, WA. 

2015   Group art project; "MINI Accordion Art Portfolio" Organized and demonstrated workshop. 
Sahuarita, AZ. 

2015   Group art project; Workshop/Mail-Art  "ALTERED Puzzle Swap" - demonstrate the alteration of puzzle pieces to students, collectively swapping alternate pieces to create a work of art. Organizing event along with communication followed with the participating artist 
Sahuarita, AZ. 

2015   Art Project/Workshop "Show of Hands Art Champaign" - utilizing the shape of hands as the main subject. Artwork on display 
Sahuarita, AZ. 

2014   Group art project; "ALTERED wine-cork TASSELS" workshop. 
Sahuarita, AZ. 

2014   Art project "Pen-Pal Pocketbook" utilizing recyclable materials, organized and demonstrated; workshop. Students were given the skills needed to experience working with recyclable materials and the chance to exchange or mail out artwork. 
Coupeville, WA. 

2014  "Art BOOK Project" Workshop/Art Demonstration; constructing an art book from unusual materials. Class participation.
Coupeville, WA.
2014   Mail-Art activity. Organized an online exchange with an artist community;
 "PAPER EPHEMERA PROJECT". A collection of paper or artifacts from the artist's studio.
Mail-art project
Coupeville, WA. 

2013  "ARTIST Badge" - organized and demonstrated a mixed-media project; workshop. 
Coupeville, WA. 

2013   Mail-Art activity. Organized a Mail-ART swap "ALTERED Christmas Recipe Card Swap" - artists from around the world collectively shared their favorite recipes along with a handcrafted card; MAIL-ART project. Students gain awareness about culture, and the respect of family values.  
Coupeville, WA. 

2013   "Traveling Canvas Project" - artist from around the USA. Extensive mail-art activity which included corresponding with the participating artists. 
Sunland, CA. 

2009   Chili Bowl Fest & Art Fair - Program Coordinator. Organize educational departments and articulate the value of the visual arts department. 
Tujunga, CA. 

2007-2009   Develop Art Curriculum - Religious Education/Sunday School. Utilizing Bible  content and stories to foster each project. (grade school students) 
La Cresenta, CA. 

2007-2008   Develop Art Curriculum/Art Demonstrations (middle school grade level students)
"Graphic Arts" 
La Cresenta, CA. 

2007   Created and directed a kindergarten art exhibit, " 7- Elements of Art ".
Sunland, CA.

Be Creative. Make art. Draw a colorful life.