Monday, April 30, 2012

Unplugged For Just One Day

Life is really simple,
but we insist on making it complicated. 

Disconnected for 24 hours.

How did it go...? 
What was it like...?
What did you do...? 
Did you give in...?
I assume these would be the questions anyone would ask.
We are all attached to one gadget or another... 
Computer, cell phone, laptop, video camera, etc.
Don't get me wrong... 
I love social media and more importantly it allows me to connect with like-minded people.
Also, having the internet is a wonderful tool.
At any given moment, you can type in a topic, and there you have it...
right at your finger tips!
That is it... having everything at your finger tips!!
Something to reflect upon and I did just that.
Saturday, April 28th.
There are no pictures to share.
 Just a story to tell you... about my day.

Friday night, I turned off my phone when I went to bed.
The following morning...
I enjoyed my coffee, sitting outside, on the front porch.
(The weather was wonderful)
This was a very relaxing way for me to start my day!! 
The thought of checking my phone for text messages, who called, 
getting on the Internet, Facebook or what was in my inbox...
were of no concern to me this day.
To tell you the truth, this can be very time consuming.
 I have watched hours slip away from me in the past, while being on the computer! 
I have spent countless hours...
 deleting spam, junk mail, 
going through my phone to clear up space.
Not to mention, all those random photos I take, 
that now need to be uploaded, cleaned up, and formatted. (sigh) 
Taking a deep breath...
I got to start the day off slow.
Just be in the moment.
What did I do with all this time...?
Cleared out two closets.
Cleaned up in my studio. 
Complete several art projects, that were over due. 
Planted a vegetable garden.
Took a relaxing bath.
Ended the evening... with family, wine, and a wonderful dinner. 

Did I give in...?
Was it a struggle...? Did I want to get on the computer..?
Turn on my phone, check to see who called or text messaged me...?
This was the best thing ever! 
I need more of these days to come... 
Thank you for stopping by today.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Lovely Links

Enjoy your visit... and these delightful links.

You Bring Color To My Life
Free Printable 

Pencil Holder Notebook 

Pretty Pastel Gift Tags
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Happiness Journal and Layouts

Gel Transfers - by Lara Berch

Cardboard Journal Album By - Julia Stainton

Collage On Canvas By - Chelsea

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Have a wonderful weekend... see you Monday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Full Bloom!

Paper Flower

Another great paper project inspired by 

I definitely took this paper project into my own hands...
created painted paper designs
added ink spray
an a zentangle pattern.

Happy Thursday!

** A Reminder **
Saturday, April 28th
24 Hour Challenge 
Disconnect for 24 hours

Iam participating at

Perviously posted is 

Join Me

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Abstract Attraction

a peek inside my sketch book- Abstraction

 It is a process...

of one's own self expression.

An unexplainable emotion drawn onto paper.

Leaving no doubt... some may question.

Cut strips. 

** abstract weave **

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tea Time - part II

There is nothing like sharing tea with a friend...
On any delightful afternoon will do!


These teabag books can be addictive to create, I am warning you ahead of time!

You can modify them any way you wish... 

Each of these I created using:
my paint papers (cover of book)
brown paper bags (book pages)
a whole bunch of creativity, 
 a dash of play time in my studio!


It was so wonderful sharing a cup of tea with you...
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Afternoon Tea...

I am delighted to share with you any day.

Well, in this case...

 ** A Tea Bag Book  **

This book was super fun to create!

Then I got to thinking... this would be a perfect little gift for someone.
How about for Mother's Day?!
Honestly, any day of the week...
I was to receive a little tea bag book would be great!

 Thought I would share.

Enjoy your afternoon tea.
Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Running With Your Mojo...

Are you ready?
Let us pull inspiration from our personal life and experiences...

Build an element.
Gather, collect, and apply what is simply speaking to you...


Set your "mojo" free... let your inspiration soar.

There is no wrong answer!
This is all about your own personal process.

Canvas Painting 
(11 x 14 )
Artist: April Cole 

Created all by running with my "mojo"... how about you?

Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Lovely Links

Enjoy your visit... and these delightful links.


** Painted Jars **

** Fall In Love With Sophie Blackall **

** An Artist Sketchbook **

Artist: Andrea Joseph

** Paper Dresses **

** Box Collage **

** Art Journaling **

Julie Kirk