Email Mailing Address A note to students & faithful followers


Due to the overwhelming number of emails I receive, I can not read them all, let alone get back to everybody. 

Forgive me in advance.

Mailing address

Private message/send email 

I love getting mail-art, books, and other goodies in the mail, but please note the only way to convey this transaction is to privately message me or send me an email

You can increase the likelihood I will write back, swap, or trade by sending a self addressed stamped envelope.

Faithful followers 

Questions about my work. Doesn't hurt to ask.

If you are a die-hard fan of my artwork and have seen something I have created; posted on this blog, demonstrated, seen on Instagram, livestream, an art challenge, or mentioned for a swap/giveaway.                        

Don't be shy, reach out.


Love you all.

Unfortunately, I cannot critique ALL your work or answer ALL the questions for your projects. 

If you have a question about my art process, the best thing to do is research me. Read my blog posts, check out my Instagram, watch videos, Google me, etc. 

A  great place to start is on my ABOUT page where there's tons of information.