Monday, January 23, 2012

An Addiction...

An ATC addiction, at that!
I know... I just, can not help it.

These tiny pieces of artwork are too hard to resist. 

I just adore creating them...

What is even better, I enjoy swapping / trading them out.
I could be working on a million other things, it is an addiction... 
I had a sudden impulse!
Out of all the bad habits, crazy impulses, and harsh addictions to have...

"This one is mine!"
I should be starting my paintings series.
Went and got all the art supplies I needed...
to start the process, 
engage willfully into the artful journey of painting.

And, then this happened!!! 
I don't feel guilty... not one ounce. 

Just feeling my "mojo" and feeding my "muse".


Listen to your inner voice.
Happy Monday!
A few of these are up for trade!!
Who wishes to Be My Valentine?


  1. love love these april... love them.. so positive and affirming! xo hugs

  2. It's hard to believe that out of all the arts I've dabbled in, I've never made an ATC! Insane, isn't it? Maybe you could get a swap going here and I would definitely try my hand at it. In just a few short weeks my studio will be set up at our new house. A few years ago, one of my Flickr contacts made an ATC using an image of my grandfather that I had posted. It was such a thrill to see something arrive in the mail from across the country with my grandfather's image on it!

  3. These are wonderful April! I would love to trade but alas have still not made any myself... I don't know why I find those tiny little cards so intimidating but could dig into a canvas today without a second thought. Glad you listened to your muse today :-)

  4. These are like sunshine! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Thank you ladies... glad you all came by for a visit, enjoy! :]
    ATC's are wonderful to create, give them a try...
    who knows, you might get addicted yourself.

  6. These ATCs are so cool...I love the simplicity of them. I can see how easy it is to become addicted!

  7. Oh me please I would love to trade! these are wonderful!! I still have mine on flickr to choose from OR I can make a Valentine's one special for ya:) please let me know!

  8. YES!!
    I will email you Fran. :]
    So glad you wish to Be My Valentine! ((hugs))

  9. April, PICK ME! PICK ME!! :-) These little cards are wonderful!!
    There's just one slight problem - i don't belong (yet) to the ATC community and i have no ATC done & waiting to be traded.
    But i'm pretty sure i can get a few done soon enough. I love them. Love the idea that they are cards, so not too big & overwhelming.
    So how does this work if i wanna be part of the ATC community & be your Valentine? :-)