Saturday, April 30, 2011

Great Mail Day!

Great Mail Day!
I just adore surprises in the mail.
I received this beautiful postcard in the mail.
This one came from Oregon
Created by
This was her very first swap!
Isn't she talented?
 I emailed Amie, to thank her for this lovely postcard.
I also asked if she had a blog/site I could post.
In her email...
she was very honest with her reply, which I will share with you...
because I believe, this is very important to share!
Amie states:
 That she is always disappointed if she finds a blog she likes...
 added it to her favorites...
tries visiting the blog/site...
a month or more goes by without any new posts!

Remember these words:
No new posts
This is 
very important to the viewer.
If you ever think...
posting frequently doesn't matter
 it is a waste of time...
you are wrong!
My advice to all of you, that are reading this post...
keep posting
keep posting
keep posting
Thank you Amie!
I received a handcrafted doll.

Created by
Miss Vicky
This was part of a swap:
The Artistic Journey Doll Swap
80 artist participates, including me.
Isn't she so precious?!
I simply adore this.
She is 5 inches tall...
so sweet!
I will definitely find a wonderful place to display her in my art studio.
Thank you Miss Vicky!
You are very talented and creative.
You can visit her at 
You are in for a real treat!
One more...
I am a winner!
I received from
Sylvia Drown
this beautiful printed artwork.
She posted an an "Anniversary Giveaway"
and I won this... 
Fine Art Giclee Print of her original- mixed-media -canvas artwork piece.
"Love Has Reasons"
I was super excited to find this in my mailbox!
You can visit 
Sylvia Drown
see more of her beautiful artwork
Thank you Sylvia!
You are a very talented artist.
Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Goodies-Linky Love

It's Friday!!
and you know what that means...
share some love... 
Link Love 
that is.

Lets get started...
The month of May
 is just around the corner...
how cool is this?!!
A 3-D
Tiki Calendar
get your
free download
Have you met sweet adorable Sherry...?
You are in for a treat.
Her blog is filled with wonderful 
free patterns, scans and tutorials!
For her latest
  free vintage pattern scan
This is too cute!

On the subject of cute...
Michelle Allen
Her blog/site is bursting with inspiration!
Everything from...
crafty ideas, artist resources, and tutorials.
Michelle is a very talented artist.
One visit to her blog/site, and you will be hooked!
Check out these 
whimsical treasure boxes
on sale
Love it!!
How about...
sweet paul BLOG

How cool is this...
Old Book Vases
free tutorial 
This is just one of the many great 
"Crafty Friday" tutorials 
available on this site!
did someone mention books!!!
The Indie Rock Poster Book
This book is awesome!
Check out the cute video, it is so sweet.
It gets even better... 
The Indie Rock Coloring Book
Check it out for yourself!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pink Houses- Thursday's Alteration

Little Pink Houses
If you haven't noticed...
I've got houses on my mind!
It must be the fact...
we will be moving out of state, after my husband retires.
Late this summer...
we will be packing up
moving on to another chapter in our lives
for me, I will be leaving behind my loved-ones.
I will admit...
  Sunny California
is going to be hard!
So, if you find me rambling on about houses...
see house photos posted on my blog... 
creating artwork with house themes...
please forgive me.
For now...
this is my only way to cope with this move.
Art heals. 
I find by creating art and using "houses" as the subject...
it releases some of my anxiety.
With all that being said...
here is my
Little Pink Houses
Altered Book Project
created by
April Cole
page 6

A recap of pages 

5 and 6
Here is a sneak peek...
 on my next altered cardboard page!
Can you guess what it is...?
I am just getting started!
I really am excited about this page.

Inspire others...
Explore new techniques...
Be playful with art...
have yourself...
A Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday - What do you wish to focus on?

 Focus on where you want to go,
not on what you fear.
~Anthony Robbins

I wish to focus on
making my dream a reality...
living a creative lifestyle!
This requires a lot of time, hard work, and countless hours of effort.
A task I am ready to focus on!
I believe that if you are truthful to yourself.
Know with all your heart, you are worth it.
Remove all doubt and allow courage to guide you.
 If you are passionate about where you want to be.
You will create the blueprints that will allow you to live your dream.

To focus on...
knowing that day will come!
The day my dreams become a reality.
When, capturing all my "wishes"
one by one...
into the creative life I want to own.
photo source

To focus on...
 filling up my jar of
To focus on...
making each a reality, one by one!

 I know what path I need to take...
I've got the blueprints in my mind, heart, and soul.
Now... to stay focused!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday- messy with mixed-media

And away we go...!
I really treasure these type of mornings.
I was able to get up before anyone else... 
Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee...
Read the paper...
Listen to the silence that surrounded me...
Such a blessing!
This really allows my creative energy to flow.
Thoughts of mixing mediums, 
explore new exciting techniques, 
endless projects dancing around my head.
End result...
I was able to complete another paint.
My use of materials in complete this painting were:
vintage paper
acrylic water-wash background
pen & ink
scrap paper, napkin, & tie-dye fabric
a rubber stamp
(hand-craved eraser)

52 painting / 52weeks project
painting # 9
created by
April Cole

This one is titled
Be Truthful To Yourself

We all need to be responsible for our actions, right?
If we do not like the way things are;
weather it is our job we are miserable working at...
our relationships with others...
the life style we are leading...
 the home life we have created...
that we are unhappy with where we our in our life...
who is to blame?
If we want things to change, we need to begin with ourselves.
Point your finger at yourself!
Are you being truthful with yourself?
Are you making excuses for yourself?
Do you challenge yourself?
Are you allowing others to tell you what is best for you?
After accomplishing something...
Do you ever compliment yourself?

Here is
something to think about.
We all have the power to change...
Live the creative lifestyle we dream to have..
It all begins with ourself!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday's Inspiration- blindfold art medicine

Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist 
once we grow up.
~Pablo Picasso
What a revolutionary concept.
Dr. Jon Tsoi
By wearing a blindfold, he creates art from the mind to the spirit.
I love the reaction Dr. Tsoi has once he removes his blindfold.
How excited he is about his artwork piece!
Do you remember the last time, you got this excited over your artwork...?
He emphasizes on thinking childlike with our art.
I agree... this is a very important part of being creative.
Creating that freedom... let your mind flow free.
This is a technique
 I know
I want to explore with!
Happy Monday!

Easter Sunday!


My daughter made these chick-eggs for me.
What a wonderful present!
She is so creative.
The family got together to color Easter eggs.
What fun we had.
You are never too old to color eggs!

chocolate eggs!

Dinner was delightful!
We all pulled together to create a wonderful meal for this Easter Celebration.

 Of coarse...
all the flowers were out to bloom, in honor of this beautiful Sunday!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carnivals- Iam Kid At Heart

the Carnival
Remember when life was simple.
April Cole
As a kid, you would get so excited...
yelling, "the carnival is coming to town, can we go?"
I know I did.
cotton candy
fun rides
funny looking charters on stilts
tons of fun games to play; in hopes of winning a prize.
I still do get excited!!
Here are some pictures I took, of our day spent at the carnival.
Some take their fun seriously! 
While I was wondering around taking pictures...
 I caught my husband talking to another women!
Found some cool luggage for sale.
And of coarse... delicious cotton candy!
What a wonderful Saturday.
I was so excited over all the fun we had...
 I wanted to create some really fun
Carnival Tickets

Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Goodies-Linky Love

Sweet Spring!
In honor of Easter
I have some treats for you...
I know, even the Easter Bunny would be proud of!

Let's get started...
Vanessa Valencia
Has created these
Cutie Paper Puppet Head Printables (Easter egg wraps)
So cute!
Please visit Vanessa's Site for a 
free downloadable print

Egg Decorating from Macedonia
Kathy Barbro
This gal has some great "thrifty" crafts...
You are in for a treat.
This is Peaches
Her blog/site is loaded with creative ideas 
all on a shoestring budget.
Munchkin-Friendly Easter Baskets
always reminds me of flowers...
Paivi Eerola
She has created these incredible paper flowers.
Click Here
This was just too "artsy" to pass up!
 Great part of the spring theme...
it was just too colorful for me...
 not to share with everyone!
Sold at
I can see using this to hold beads, buttons, and
even small brads in my studio.
One more...
Have you met 
Visit her blog/site
You are in for a treat!
Regina is giving away a free print
of her
There is tons of inspiration and creative ideas floating around her site...
Take a look for yourself!
Endless Tutorials

Happy Spring!