Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Online Workshops / e-courses

Update:  from the my studio...

It is staring to get pretty mess here. 
The inspiration that is starting to fill my studio is incredible...  I am loving it !!
I am "embracing" it full heartily.
Allowing myself to be guided in whatever direction that this will take me.
To remember... part of the process is the journey!

Online Workshop / E-course 
I've decided on exploring two incredible courses.

Traci Bautista
* doodles unleashed *
A Strathmore Online Workshop Series
Registration is open! Workshops are FREE!

Would you like to take a peek...?

 I used bold playful colors for this doodling art project.

This one...
 I was feeling the need to use a softer approach,
using pastels.
It is not finished yet. Need to apply some serious doodling!


Book of Days (BOF)
A year of art journaling with Effy Wild.
She invites you along her artful journey... 
spending a year together developing an art journal.

How much does it cost?
As Effy, so beautiful puts it...
"Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero."

You can find all the information

Here is a little glimpse of...
 my Altered Art Journal cover.


Happy Tuesday!


  1. Your work based on Traci's class looks great! I haven't done a finished piece based on her videos, but she has gotten me to the dining room table with my paints and spray bottles and papers and stencils...it's been a lot of fun! I got my little birdie in the mail today...love it! You are very clever, very thoughtful, and always very generous. I will share it on my blog sometime this week.

  2. Great pages- I love all the bright colors! I signed up for some of those classes too- I'll just be a little slower :)

  3. Super Fantastic Doodling!! really wonderful April! Those colors are awesome as well. What an eye:))

  4. absolutely lovel april...once again, you've encouraged me to get into something new and challenging! thank you much for sharing :)

  5. It looks like you are having SO much fun in the studio!!!