Thursday, January 12, 2012

And They Flew Bye, Bye...

Junk Main Inspiration. 
Each little birdie left one by one, in hope of spreading "sparks" of inspiration to others.
In an earlier post I wrote about, starting off the year, spreading"sparks of inspiration"!
You can read all about it Here

I think it is safe to say... they have all made there destination safely.
And now, I can share with you these adorable clips.
I plan on creating more down the road... and plan on having more to share with you!
I just think these are great to use in your art journal.

My thoughts are... using different images along the way. So you will want to check back.

Altered Rolodex Cards- I couldn't help myself I was on a rolo, get it!! 

I had a few biries left over, and used them towards The Altered Rolodex Project.
If you are interested in participating, you can read all about the project Here

created by: April Cole

All of these have been sent out.
Thought for the day...
be playful with your art, explore new techniques, and spread your wings!
Happy Thursday!


  1. Being one of the lucky recipients of a clip birdie I can tell you it is inspiring. I've been looking for other bird images to use in some of my art. Thank you for spreading the love and inspiration.

  2. love those birdies, where did u find them?