Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Tribute To Mail-Art

Mail-Art is about: sending artful things.
It is the desire to make sending things something special.
If you can send it you can make it.

Collage Artist - Ray Johnson (1927-1995)

Known primarily as a collagist, and was a seminal
figure in the history of early Pop-Art.
He is considered the 
"Founding Father of Mail-Art".
Ray would mail small collages to people, and encourage them
to add or subtract to the work and them mail it on.

If you are interested in learning more about 
Ray Johnson
There is  documentary on DVD

Here is some artful-mail that arrived in my mailbox...
It always make you feel special, doesn't it!!

Janet K Briggs

Karenann Young

Let us continue sharing our talents... 
connecting with other creative people...
making others feel special too!
I can not think there any other better way...
 than through art?

Happy Thursday!


  1. Glad you like the card and ATC. Mail art is the best...I like to make it and receive it. I love that Rolodex card!

  2. Happy Thursday to you!!! I gotta figure out a way to participate that doensnt involve me going to the post office! It looks so fun!

  3. Hello Kelly... so nice of you to visit! ((hugs))
    Stop by anytime. :]

  4. Thanks for sharing your mail art April. It's fantastic. I've seen that DVD also! Inspiring.

  5. Wow....great work!! Love this post

  6. So many fantastic ideas in one post! I'm tucking this one away....