Saturday, April 30, 2011

Great Mail Day!

Great Mail Day!
I just adore surprises in the mail.
I received this beautiful postcard in the mail.
This one came from Oregon
Created by
This was her very first swap!
Isn't she talented?
 I emailed Amie, to thank her for this lovely postcard.
I also asked if she had a blog/site I could post.
In her email...
she was very honest with her reply, which I will share with you...
because I believe, this is very important to share!
Amie states:
 That she is always disappointed if she finds a blog she likes...
 added it to her favorites...
tries visiting the blog/site...
a month or more goes by without any new posts!

Remember these words:
No new posts
This is 
very important to the viewer.
If you ever think...
posting frequently doesn't matter
 it is a waste of time...
you are wrong!
My advice to all of you, that are reading this post...
keep posting
keep posting
keep posting
Thank you Amie!
I received a handcrafted doll.

Created by
Miss Vicky
This was part of a swap:
The Artistic Journey Doll Swap
80 artist participates, including me.
Isn't she so precious?!
I simply adore this.
She is 5 inches tall...
so sweet!
I will definitely find a wonderful place to display her in my art studio.
Thank you Miss Vicky!
You are very talented and creative.
You can visit her at 
You are in for a real treat!
One more...
I am a winner!
I received from
Sylvia Drown
this beautiful printed artwork.
She posted an an "Anniversary Giveaway"
and I won this... 
Fine Art Giclee Print of her original- mixed-media -canvas artwork piece.
"Love Has Reasons"
I was super excited to find this in my mailbox!
You can visit 
Sylvia Drown
see more of her beautiful artwork
Thank you Sylvia!
You are a very talented artist.
Enjoy your Saturday!

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