Monday, September 15, 2014

birth of a miracle...

meet Jack
our newest member of the family... 
9 LBS. 4 OZ. 19" Long 
Jack Emilio - named after two very important men in our family.
My father... Her Brother. 
Here is my daughter after 13 hours in labor. 
I think she looks amazing! 
Little Jack, we are all so blessed to have you with us, to be a part of the family, 
and to celebrate the joy of life in the presence of God.  
I could hardly wait to hold him! 
A dear friend gifted me with her talents, Veronica J. Fortune 
and drew this portrait of the two of us. 
This grandmother ( Nana ) is completely in love!! 
I thought becoming a Mother was the best thing in the world, 
until I became a Grandmother.  
Blessed beyond words... 
I thank God everyday for BOTH my grand-babies. 
I also have been working with fiber art. 
A little curious about this style & movement of art. 
Before I go out and purchase a real loom of any kind, thought I would dab in the art first. 
I created this handmade cardboard loom, used baker's twine, and then decided to house one of my collage " word & phrase " clippings...
Enjoying the process. 
I have created several other weaves using different fibers, twine, and wire... 
I see a loom in the near future.   
celebrating life, new beginnings, and change... 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

California Trip

the state of sunshine
Blue skies, warm temperatures, and a sense of home. 
Yes, I am a native of California. She was good to me while I paid a visit.  
We can not forget about Hollywood...
beach vans, pelicans, and surf boards.
Retro boulevard signs...
the sculptor trying to get noticed: art on display. 
Back at the hotel, I was inspired to create this tiny pocket to hold stamps along with a letter a wrote to my Son who is deployed overseas.  
Feel in love with this imprint, which caught my eye on the sidewalk, entering this cafe/restaurant The Stage Cafe 
Amazing gate entrance, right? 
As my trip there to California was to see my specialist, dentist, and eye doctor... 
I still made the best of it. 
Got to visit with my youngest daughter. We had a old fashion "girl sleep-over night" 
with a movie, late night chatting, ice cream, popcorn, and of coarse chocolate! 
Took a few evening strolls, because it was 89 degrees at 9:30 pm. 
I feel less pain, my illnesses are more the warm dry climate. 

Time to get back home, 
there was something very special await! 

I can not wait to share... 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where did I go...?

around here 
my world got turned upside-down and flipped around.
Let me start from the beginning, 
I thought I was going to be able to work my lifestyle around a 2 year old 
and a very pregnant mommy! 
To answer the question, "how did that work for you?" 
In a good way. 
I passed up my art studio, tossed aside the paints, called of any existing projects, canceled all commissions and yes... gave up trying!!  
I spent an AMAZING summer with my family... this was only the begin of an adventurous time for us all, as we were anticipating the arrival of my 2nd grandchild. 
If I had to do it all over again... ABSOLUTELY. 

As I slowly make a comeback, posting here on my Blog, clearing off the dust in my art studio, and nurturing my Fackbook Group- The Studio- artist community  there is still much to share! 
Thank you 
for being loyal blog reader, patient, and supportive throughout our artist community. 

Welcome Back

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

around here

flowers, sunshine, and art.
directing creativity with movement and sensation 
painted papers all inspired through this cluster of happiness!
what inspires you to move energy?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

mixed media project

art card 
a playful mixture of mediums.
Inspired by our talented artist's here The Studio- artist community 
cultivating this colorful art card project for our event was tons of fun!

Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY- tissue paper art

:: child's play :: 
art in an hour

No doubt about it, life has been good to me.
The joy of grand-parenting over these summer months, has me limited to the artwork I will be producing in my studio. 
Yes, blog posts are not on a regular basis either... 
it is a "give and take" with time and energy for me. 
In the end, it is all worth it. 
As for you, my readers, please be patience. 
I am here... 
Enjoying moments like this, I know you understand. 
I decided to keep myself inspired and also share the experience with my precious 2 year old grandson. 
I am finding fun, easy, less than an hour art projects to work on together. 
Already putting plans into action for the weeks to come... I am excited! 
This art project series with be called- Art in a Hour 
There will be several that will consist of recyclable materials, have a home decor theme, and will be crafted using simple art techniques.
I will brake them down into hourly art tutorial steps, which I will create on my own, or have the help of little hands.
These beautiful papers are created from tissue papers. 
layer upon layer....
cutting up shapes and applying Mod-Podge (watered down) between each layer of tissue papers. 
Once dry, it becomes transparent paper. 
 tissue paper art
delightfully easy to craft.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

talking to yourself...

do you paint by numbers?
is it a image you remember, outside your day?
a piece of cloth, a pattern, or texture that helps you capture the moment in art?
as for me... wishful thinking.
sometimes, not all the time, just applying wet paint gets me going.
honestly, I spend more time having to talk my way through... 
convince myself that it is all worth it in the end. 
do you talk to yourself? do you listen?