Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday- messy with mixed-media

And away we go...!
I really treasure these type of mornings.
I was able to get up before anyone else... 
Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee...
Read the paper...
Listen to the silence that surrounded me...
Such a blessing!
This really allows my creative energy to flow.
Thoughts of mixing mediums, 
explore new exciting techniques, 
endless projects dancing around my head.
End result...
I was able to complete another paint.
My use of materials in complete this painting were:
vintage paper
acrylic water-wash background
pen & ink
scrap paper, napkin, & tie-dye fabric
a rubber stamp
(hand-craved eraser)

52 painting / 52weeks project
painting # 9
created by
April Cole

This one is titled
Be Truthful To Yourself

We all need to be responsible for our actions, right?
If we do not like the way things are;
weather it is our job we are miserable working at...
our relationships with others...
the life style we are leading...
 the home life we have created...
that we are unhappy with where we our in our life...
who is to blame?
If we want things to change, we need to begin with ourselves.
Point your finger at yourself!
Are you being truthful with yourself?
Are you making excuses for yourself?
Do you challenge yourself?
Are you allowing others to tell you what is best for you?
After accomplishing something...
Do you ever compliment yourself?

Here is
something to think about.
We all have the power to change...
Live the creative lifestyle we dream to have..
It all begins with ourself!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!