Monday, April 18, 2011

Great Mail Day!

Great Mail Day!
These came pouring in across the states
this Saturday.

Really enjoying this swap
The DIY iHanna Postcard Swap 2011 - Year II

Let's get started...
This one came from Canada
Created by
Scrap Time
Check out her site...
Christine's blog is loaded with tons of 
online classes
inspiration and more!!
I believe you will find her blog very useful.
She has a lot of information to share & the experience to back it up.
One "Crafty Gal" here!
Worth the visit.

All the way from New York
Created by
What a lovely postcard!
Sorry to say... she didn't leave me any contact info.
So, if your out there Kim!!!!!
"This postcard is a wonderful piece of artwork, thank you."
Post a comment / leave contact info.

3rd postcard to arrive...
From Canada
There seems to be a lot of creativity going on from here...
Created by
Bev Baird
 A beautifully collaged postcard!
Check out her very delightful blog.

The 4th postcard...
From Portland, Oregon
Created by
Adrianne Martin
Do you see this adorable doily...?
Love it!
So much talent here.
You can visit Adrianne here
I suggest, you check out her flicker photostream!
Such delightful talent...

What better way to end this post...
than to leave you with this...
Sarah Kay
Happy Monday!