Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Tortoise and the Hare- As An Artist

Tortoise Hare Story
Honestly, this story reminds me of this journey I am on.
As an artist.
As a creative person, trying to find my place, purpose, and meaning...
As an artist.
As I learn more about networking...
As an artist.
Become a better blogger, by posting daily...
As an artist.
Taking photos, which I believe are inspiring to my viewers.
As an artist.
Wanting to grow through personal development...
Be become a better artist.
Wanting and willing to share ideas, materials, and techniques...
As an artist.
How do I relate the "tortoise" to being an artist...?
Remember, there are plenty of show-offs out there!
Wiling to "shove down your throat" everything they got.
But who are they...?
Are they being true to you, let alone to them self?!
Willing to inspire, share their techniques, materials, and 
what is truly going on in their creative mind...?
Or... sitting back waiting for others to come up with an idea 
that they can surely take away.
Sadly... it is out there!
But, I would rather be the tortoise.
He doesn't try to be anything more than himself...
He moves slowly but surely towards the finish line...
passes the rabbit who was fast asleep
and crosses the finish line, winning the race!
I believe...
we will all get to where we need to be, on our creative journey.
As long as we -
Be true to ourself...
Willingness to be open...
Passionate about our artistic abilities...
Think creatively...
Draw a colorful life!

Paper Doll Rabbit
created by
April Cole