Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Goodies-Link Love Part 2

First up...
the Purl bee
Oh my goodness...
How cute are these?
Molly's Sketchbook: Bunny Finger Puppets!
Molly's Sketchbook: Easter Egg Hunt Bags!
complete with free tutorials.
Check out this site... 
I promise you will be delighted you did.
Next up...
If you had the chance to read my earlier post
labeled "Wishcasting" Wednesday...
I was asked "what book did I "wish" to read?
I am happy to announce...
Alyson B Stanfield
Author of
Is offering an
Updated & Expanded 2011 Edition
Now on Sale!
Wishes do come true!
Visit her website for all the details.
Happy Reading.
On the subject of being happy...
Look at these 
handmade & recycled lockets
made by Polarity
Etsy Shop Owner

How about a giveaway!
Sakura Pen & Paint Giveaway
Entry Form
Click on photo to enter.
Good luck!

How about some inspiration...?
Paint Your Tabletop
This studio tabletop is created by
Mary Freeman
Here is her photostream on
The Everyday Studio
Mary Freeman
What an incredible artist!
Visit Mary's site... you are in for a treat.

Happy Friday!