Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carnivals- Iam Kid At Heart

the Carnival
Remember when life was simple.
April Cole
As a kid, you would get so excited...
yelling, "the carnival is coming to town, can we go?"
I know I did.
cotton candy
fun rides
funny looking charters on stilts
tons of fun games to play; in hopes of winning a prize.
I still do get excited!!
Here are some pictures I took, of our day spent at the carnival.
Some take their fun seriously! 
While I was wondering around taking pictures...
 I caught my husband talking to another women!
Found some cool luggage for sale.
And of coarse... delicious cotton candy!
What a wonderful Saturday.
I was so excited over all the fun we had...
 I wanted to create some really fun
Carnival Tickets

Happy Saturday!