Tuesday, April 19, 2011

De-stress & Distract- acrylic painted/paper backgrounds

Time out
everyone needs to give me space...!!
Oh yes, you know what I am talking about.
All of us have experienced the symptoms of stress.
Sure, stress is a normal part of life... 
it effects each of us differently.
However, it is clear that too much stress can be an overload...
blocking our creativity.
As creative individuals, we tend to become easily overwhelmed
 by taking on too much at one time.
Give me space!
It is okay, to demand for your creative time.
To be present with yourself, be playful, and create art.
Enjoy the process...
Remove the distractions, this is a must.
Lose yourself in the moment...
and conjure up happy, playful, creative energy.
Gather whatever materials are around you and just create.
Don't focus on the finished project.
Have fun and make art!

This is exactly what I did!
Created by April Cole
Created by April Cole
I had a wonderful time... just being playful.
Gathering random :
acrylic colors
bottle caps
 cut scraps of sponges
wine cork
 bubble wrap

Created by April Cole
I have some colorful background paper to use for future projects.
I demanded my space.
I was able to be creative.
I got to explore and be playful.
Yes, I found this very relaxing!