Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Story Does Your Hands Hold?

I've realized at times...
I don't always notice what is on my hands.
As I leave out the door...
I got paint or ink still remaining, for others to see.
I could be ashamed...
I'm not !
My hands tell a story.
I am an artist, a creator, 
grow healthy vegetables for my family to enjoy, 
stitch a doodle, hammer, saw, and sometimes drill.
these hands at times, can look a bit worn and over worked...
I am okay with that !

What story does your hands tell...?
Enjoy your Tuesday.


  1. lol my hands look alot like yours.
    Thanks for your comments and visits to my blog

  2. I really enjoyed the video. I used to have fairly attractive hands...but now, my hands are getting older and much used with lots of stories to tell...Thanks April!!!

  3. My hands are bluey black after painting some card with gesso before going to bed, I could be used as a *case* on the morgue table in CSI! Valerie

  4. Thanks for all applying some thought into this post!
    Made me smile <3