Monday, June 13, 2011

Color Code

What color best describes your identity?
Stop for a moment and think...
if you were to be a color and speak for it,
which one would you choose?
I am
I am intelligent, I am friendly and warm. I like company, order and comfort.
I am a bright room filled with sunshine!

Have yourself a bright sunny Monday!


  1. \0/ sun :]

    i am dressed in black and blue today and that's how i feel. beat up and sore.

    but then black is the colour that nuns wear and a colour of protection ...

    over all tho? let's say i am blue, like the sky. expansive and something you want to just fall into.
    yeah. sounds good :] <3 Gayle!

  2. Oh, I can so see you as yellow! You are so bright and warm, that's for sure.

    It's hard to say . . . favorite color or what color represents me . . . well black is my favorite color because in painting or mixing ink it is the sum of all colors. I find it classic, neutral, a good background to show off everything around it, and strong and I hope those things would describe me too.

    Always appreciate your blog comments and always like stalking you on FB - you leave the best posts to check out!

  3. I would be red and orange and glowing! Valerie

  4. Hi April, what a great post to stumble upon. I stopped by to thank you for visting my blog and posting your nice comment. Love your blog. I think I'm changing colors all the, it's my day off and I am feeling pink!

  5. Thank you for sharing all your lovely thoughts on "color code" .
    I just thought it would be interesting topic to reflex upon, seeming that colors can not speak for themselves :]