Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paint Swatch Intro-Altered Cardboard Project

I am among the many artists...
that get super excited 
taking a trip to...
The Hardware Store.
Over the long Memorial Day weekend 
my husband decided to get some things fixed around the house.
Knowing  he would be taking a trip to the 
hardware store...
I gladly volunteered to go!
Of course...
you could find me down at the paint department.
I am like a kid at a toy store!
(embarrassingly so)
I can not resist all the...
and needless to say...
because you know what happen.
But, it is fun to say anyways...
I grabbed a hand full of swatches,
 stuffed them in my purse, 
walked around with a big smile!
Altered Book Project
page 11

A paint swatch weave.
This was loads of fun, 
used recyclable materials, 
was very relaxing to create.
I'm thinking...
creating another one and placing it in a frame?
Might look very "artsy"
Explore the possibilities always!
I also, decided to pick up some tomato plants.
 (very last minute)
I wasn't going to plant anything this year, due to our move.
But, I think...
 I've got time to enjoy a little garden.
This was definitely a family affair...
our dogs were very curious about the whole project!
Have a very colorful Thursday!


  1. I love this April! I'm another one who finds those paint swatches irrestible, lol! I love your project - and YES! can totally see it in a frame.
    I've got lots of cardboard after my recent I think I'm going to have to experiment with a combination of cardboard & swatches ;)

  2. You have a treasure right in front of you, those moving boxes!
    Have fun :]

  3. Great idea! I must admit to always coming home with such souvenirs, too! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Fabulous paint swatch weave! I have collected so many paint swatches over the years, but have never put together anything like this.

  5. Hi April...I admit it...I also love paint swatches. I love your weave idea. Your doggies are cute!

  6. Very clever paint swatch piece April!! Love it! Enjoy your tomatoes and those adorable fur babies.