Saturday, June 25, 2011

Watercolor Background- Transparent

Can we practice a similarity between...
people and watercolors?

created by
April Cole
Wouldn't that be great if people where transparent like watercolors...?
It's just a thought.
To be who we are at all times... without judgement.
As like watercolors that drip down the paper, will allow this process to take shape.
As human beings we respond to our surroundings.
We form a positive outlook, or perhaps an intense reaction to the elements that are present.
Likewise, watercolors will apply the same behavior... 
depending on what medium you apply it to.
Our lives can be filled with positive feelings, thoughts, and ideas that are bold; lively with color!
Other times in our life... they feel thin, worn out, and can easily be washed away.
We accept the transparency  of watercolors; knowing it is the amount of water we apply to this medium.
Shouldn't we accept that with our self and others...?
We could apply things to life much easier if only, we were more transparent.
Enjoy a watercolor Saturday!