Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alphabet Soup-paper painted backgrounds

Typography 101
In general it is the arrangement of text on a page, and is a form of visual communication.
Depending on the purpose, typography can be used for impact, or an artistic statement.
Typography can make a huge difference in how the reader sees and feels about the topic being discussed.
This was my book in college.
My Bible of Typography.
As a graphic designer you work with text,
study typography extensively...
while perfecting your artistic abilities.
We used vellum paper, graphic ink pens, and a light table.
All type was created by the illustrator's hand!
You really learned to appreciate 
typography .
Lets move on to the fun part...
making alphabet soup!

created by
April Cole
bristol paper
acrylic paints
dish soap
rubber stamps
Archival ink pad

enjoy your soup...
Happy Saturday!


  1. super fun background! colors are fantastic. as usual :)

  2. Glad you enjoy ladies enjoy this piece!
    Thank you for visiting, stop by anytime:]

  3. what a beautiful piece! i really like how creative you had gotten with the alphabet!