Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Wheel Keeps Spinning...

Altered Rolodex Card Project
A wheel of art in your creative space ready to inspire you.
Follow along this artful journey... or come play along!
It is all up to you.

As I continue with this project, I have noticed
 the wheel is starting to turn...
how exciting!!
The tabs in between that hold the alphabet, 
no longer hold a purpose.
But wait... maybe they do!
I thought I would alter those as well...
perhaps with inspirational quotes 
tucked in between all the altered cards... 
what do you think?!
So, I will be working on those over this weekend.
And yes...
 I will be sharing the outcome, once I have completed them.
I can not wait to get started!

Altered Rolodex Cards
Let me share with you... a few of my latest 
altered rolodex cards
that I have been working on in the studio.




Tell me...what can you create with 2 1/4"x 4"space?!

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Happy Saturday


  1. Have fun with your index cards, and have a great weekend. How is your new grandson doing? Valerie

  2. Love the birds of a feather one! I'd make a card but don't have a roledex or the cards for it..LOL hmmm great idea for a journal page, atc, or mail art tho..Love how busy and creative you've been lately too! Very Inspiring!xoxo

  3. Thanks ladies... *hugs*
    This project to so much fun!!
    Grand-baby is doing fine, thanks for asking Valerie <3

  4. Great Rolodex cards, April! And your swap button looks great! I got your giveaway ATC in the mail yesterday...what a treat!

  5. They are so beautiful! But I love "I'll buy you another one" the most! It's a pure perfection of using space, color, meaning, ... Incredible how much you can say with one little card :)

  6. Oh this is beautiful April. I haven't see a Rolodex to buy, I suppose I can find one if I look harder. I may join in but time is so tight at the moment. I really do love the idea and your work is always so beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of these finished beauties D xx

  7. I made some fun atcs on the weekend, so much fun.. keep watching my blog! hugs xo

  8. love the altered rolodex card!!
    norma,thefairyyellowbugqueen,shared your blog with me.
    i am a new follower.