Monday, October 31, 2011

My Pencil Box

We could  learn a lot from crayons;
some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, 
while others bright, some have weird names, 
but they all have to learn to live together
in the same box.
~ Robert Fulghum

Let me share with you...
* My Pencil Box *
Do you remember 
having one as a child in grade school?
I thought my pencil box was such a treasure!
They say...
 as an artist, we see through "child-like eyes".
 You could imagine how excited I got
the my wheels started turning.
These cardboard pencil boxes came home with me.

I even decided to
place my name on the inside of the pencil box.
I was having so much fun with this project!

I printed a label
Then stamped my name 
using this stamp kit.
I love it!
So many possibilities with this stamp set.

What is in your pencil box?

Wishing you all a very
Happy Halloween!


  1. You are sooo right. A Treasure. My pencil,pen,marker,crayon-box is also my Treasure box and I cherish it.
    Love your blog

    Hi from denmark ;)

  2. I have 4 pencil boxes, each filled with different sorts of pencils / pens, and cannot seem to reduce them! Happy Halloween! Valerie

  3. excellent pencil boxes you have created april! perfect organization AND great blank canvas for your gorgeous collage...blest be! :)

  4. lovely pencil box.... wow... and I hv that same stamp set.... love love it! so much possibilities! isn't it fun?

  5. Happy Hallowe'en!
    Love your pencil box! Yes, they are treasures and full of so much to create with!

  6. My pencil box is an old cigar box. I take my colored pencils everywhere with me in that box. My cafe is used to me being spread out with my journal and cigar box full of pencils! So fun!

  7. Thank you all for visiting... and enjoying my pencil box.
    I agree, they are definitely a treasure!

  8. I love pencil boxes and almost any box I can get my hands on. Love decorating them and using them! Love yours!!!

  9. I always loved pencil boxes when I was a kid, and that hasn't changed. Did you decorate the outside of yours yourself? Love that collaging. Great stamp kit, too.