Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Minute Muse

Packaging Tape Transfer... what is yours?
I just had to share this video with you all. The demonstrator here, 
shows you just how easy it is to transfer an image 
onto packaging tape, in as little as one minute.
You can create your very own designed tape... the possibilities are endless!
Yes, it sparked my creativity and I got busy right away...

Grabbed my packaging tape...

Started taping down images and patterns from magazines...
filled a bowl with warm water...
away I went creating!

I love this idea!
And it only took me one minute to create each one.
How fantastic is that?!!

Now this can be addictive... please don't blame me!

Take into mind...
you will still need to add an adhesive on the back of your tape,
when you actually go to apply these to your artwork.
No worries...
I suggest using UHU Glue.
 Now I thought, I could make spools of these...
That is coming up next!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I have made some of these - glossy magazine pages work like a dream!

    I tried gluing one down with matte medium, but when it dried it didn't hold. I'll try the UHU stick instead and see if I have better luck. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. love these! I'll hv to give it a try! hugs xo

  3. how cool april, thanks for sharing! wouldn't these be great on a batch of rolo's ... :)

  4. Glad you all came by for a visit.
    Enjoy creating your very own tape... it is fun! :]

  5. Yes, it is a fun way of making cheap and quick transfers, and lovely collages! Valerie

  6. I'll try your technique today! I was also thinking of using regular Scotch Tape in matte finish (so called invisible) and the glossy stuff. These would make thinner strips!

  7. Love your idea, Karenann! :]
    Let me know how your "crafty creation" turned out? *hugs*

  8. Your tapes look GREAT! I like using clear contact paper, so I'm less limited by the size of the images I am transferring. But these make automatically awesome borders for journal pages!

  9. Thanks for share this. I love it. I did it in a workshop awhile back and had forgotten about it. Now I can't wait to play!