Saturday, October 29, 2011

Metal Meets Paper

How exciting is that?
As you know...
I really enjoy creating art out of 
reusable and recycled materials.

Makes me so happy.
It just doesn't get any better than that!

Altered Soda-Pop Cans Tags

 What a treat these will make, on a gift to someone special!

metal cutter (scissor)
ball chain
soda-pop can
tag puncher
metal eyelets
tag board
craft foam
acrylic paint
GOOP craft glue

Tell me
What will you reuse and alter today...?
Happy Saturday!


  1. They look really good, and will make a great presnt. Valerie

  2. These look great! Are the edges sharp? That would be my only worry with metal tags, but they look very cool!

  3. these are super fun! you've been a busy gal!!! i too was wondering if they are sharp on the edges?

  4. No... they are fairly smooth.
    Once you apply the (black) paint around the rim, that should do the trick.
    I do hope that was helpful ladies :]
    Have fun...