Saturday, October 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

In celebration of October...

I am having a
I have a lot to celebrate this month!
On October 5th,
My 4th and last baby girl, will be turning 18.
Becoming a young women... entering the adult world.
Getting her driver's license 
registering to vote!!
There will be a "new addition" to the family!
We are accepting a grandchild
Yes... I will be a Grandmother, for the first time!

To celebrate these wonderful events in my life...
I wish to send a 
lucky winner 
a piece of my artwork, an artful creation!
I just can not think of any better way to celebrate... can you?

The treat is...
any one, two, maybe all of these.


Altered Corrugated Cardboard Tag
Mr. Jack-o-lantern 


Altered Corrugated Cardboard Tag 
Life of the Party


The trick is...
Leave a comment...
answering this simple question - 
What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?
Winner will be picked 
Good luck
Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. How fun! You DO have a lot to celebrate! I definitely would like to be considered for your giveaway. My favorite costume was a pretty gypsy outfit my mom put together for me when I was in kindergarten. It had a white mid-driff blouse, and a colorful skirt, with a bright teal turban for my hair. I wore all kinds of jewelry and bangles, and I felt so PRETTY. (I even got to wear a bunch of eye shadow!) It was a great little outfit.

  2. How nice to have so much to celebrate! My fave costume was always a witch, and still is....Valerie

  3. This does sound so "pretty", Andria!
    Eyeshadow was something special for a little girl to wear. Such a sweet story to share <3
    Thank you. :)
    What fun... Glad you want to play!!!

  4. A witch... how wonderful!
    Your a kid at heart... love it, Valerie :]
    So glad you entered the giveaway, hip, hip... hooray!!!

  5. lovely post... such an exciting time for you! I love your art.. would love to win.. my most fave costume ?? I honestly don't remember much of that fr my childhood... as my childhood wasn't very happy.. so I honestly don't remember :( but either way.. I know I sure loved the candy! hugs xo

  6. My parents wouldn't allow us to go out to trick or treat. We lived in a neighborhood with adults and no kids around. I didn't mind. BTW, your artwork RULES!!!!

  7. Thank you ladies for visiting and sharing your stories.
    So excited you are willing to play... GOOD LUCK ! <3
    And yes... I sure did love the candy too. M&Ms were and ARE STILL my favorite!! (heheeheee)