Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday

Liturgy is like a strong tree 
whose beauty is derived 
from the continuous renewal of its leaves,
but whose strength comes from the old trunk,
with solid roots in the ground.

What do you wish would spring into your life?
A time of growth and renewal. 
To spend more time renewing my faith.
It is my personal responsibility to keep my soul nourished.
There is no one or something to blame, but myself... 
if I do not take the time to replenish my soul.

When faith comes knocking... time to open the door!

Allow time to reflect... heal and rejoice.
Welcome in growth by renewing the old, 
with acceptance for what I can not change...
and build on what I know I can. 

My belief system...
It is our behavior, our true self that takes action...
stepping forward to our calling.
(we each have our own)
It is there to give direction, a guide.
A guide to 
build it up... built it strong... build it to last.
Time to spring my faith, my soul, my beliefs into action!

What are you wishing... would spring into your life?