Thursday, March 22, 2012

Extreme Journalism - part 2

 Journaling... more "extreme" pages
Inspired by Juliana Coles.
Enjoy the journal pages, my visual process... 
as I share with you some of my work.
You can read all about my first attempt at this art journaling technique 

I am really starting to gather some insight.
My inner critic can not catch up with me... love that part!
As an artist, why do certain colors keep reappearing?
Why do I choose to make circles instead of squares?
Interesting... right? 
Using this technique for your own personal art journaling is amazing!! 

 Random, quick response, scribble with crayons, 
smear paint, make a mess (no one is looking!),
cut images, add text and wording,
move on to the next page....

Want to give it a try...?
Happy Thursday!