Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Junk Mail...?

It is all the the way we perceive things, right!
For a long period of time, 
I've have been collecting the envelopes that have been delivered in our mailbox.
With all this technology...
most, if not all, our transactions can be handled by a computer.
 I found these envelopes, to be forgotten treasures...
the collection began!
They have been given a purpose.

I am very pleased to introduce to you my
* * *  Junk Journal Book * *

 Handmade with a purpose.

 I had a fantastic time making this junk journal!
No two pages are alike...

 A total of 26 pages
(not including backside)

 Created a pocket... to store all your goodies, you wish to add later!

** Now the fun part **
This junk journal is up for bid!!

Who wishes to play?
Leave me a comment 
send an email to

Let's have some fun... make me an offer!