Monday, March 12, 2012

Mail Art ...

What a great way to start out the week...!
These two talented ladies decided to spread some art love.

**  Pay It Forward Project **
I received my gift from:

Andria sent me this wonderful handmade envelope mini journal
Also, a ton of goodies, collage, vintage paper, and artful embellishments 
to play along with the journal.
"What fun!!"


**  Birthday Bash Celebration **
In honor of Renee Mak's Birthday 
she wanted to give something of herself...
 her talents and a few delightful pieces of her artwork!
"How sweet is that?"
I received one of her beautiful cards...

I just love her bold, bright, colors!!
She makes me feel so alive, every time... 
I visit her site and see her beautiful artwork.

As for me...
I am off to the post office today!!
Time for me to do a little spreading of my own, "art love" that is.
You could call it "Irish Luck"... if you wish!!


Happy Monday!