Monday, March 26, 2012

Think Recyclable!

I tend to get overly excited about creating something from reusable materials. 
 I know... 
it is an unusual use for an egg carton.

Looking over a ton of DIY projects, tutorials, and endless videos...
I narrowed it down to this one in particular.
I was absolutely thrilled, to how this craft is turning out!
Take in to mind... I made a few adjustments, 
wanting to work with supplies and materials I already had available. 

Today, I wish to share it along with you.

I am delighted to add this one to my bookshelf!!
** Egg Carton Book **

40 pages thick!

I am feeling this still needs a little more detail, so the project is not completed.
Thinking of adding a painted trim around the edges of the paper.
I will post future pictures of the book. 

Also wishing to add some pockets to the pages.
Mixing in some scrap papers,
giving this a real look of recyclable materials.
Can not wait to see the end result!

It is amazing what we can do... when we imagine it!
Happy Monday to you.