Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rolodex News...

Can you imagine?
** Zentangle Altered Rolodex Cards **
I can

It has been awhile, since I've shared a few of my altered Rolodex creations.
Altered Rolodex Card Project

With Spring in full swing now... what better theme!

I decided 
that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale,
you could not ignore its beauty.

**  Blossoming **
Altered Rolodex Cards

Fun and relaxing...
I thought it would be delightful to use the zentangle technique, 
to create a background, for my Rolodex cards.
 A way to provide fun feeling to Spring!!

What do you think...?
Are these fun or what?!

Do you zentangle too?
Happy Saturday.


  1. Loveeeee these ! very inspired now :))

    1. Hello, Pattie!
      Thank you for stopping by for a visit today. ((hugs))
      Enjoy... get inspired :]

  2. Beautiful cards! Love the patterns! Hugs, Valerie

  3. These are so beautiful April! I haven't had the nerve to try zentagles yet. You sure make them look good!! xx

  4. I LOVE these. I am a CZT (certified zentangle teacher) so I am always on the lookout now for fun and creative ideas that use Zentangle. Very cute.

  5. I'm back! I am playing a game of blog tag and tagged you. If you visit my post today you will see it. I hope you have time to play along. Happy Sunday! xx

  6. Love your zentangle rolodex cards with the beautiful flowers on them! How awesome is that? Never would have even thought of coloring paper patterns much less use them as flowers!

  7. Totally fun! Yep, I tangle a bit now and then too but never thought about rolodex cards. I'm using zentangle in creating A Letter A Week project so that at the end of the year I'll have two complete alphas- check it out here:

  8. Ahhh, so gorgeous! Love the peaceful vibe. I don't "officially" Tangle but do love a good restful doodle. :)