Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rambling Artist...

Yes, I know... 
I have talked about this before, posted pictures on my creations, 
and have given my thoughts and ideas on the subject.
With only a week left, before Easter, 
there is still many artful creations to be crafted. 
That means more eggs too!
I know that decorating eggs and chocolate bunnies are a big custom to many.
Don't get me wrong, all of this is very fun. 
I do enjoy 
celebrating Easter with family, 
participating in the joy of coloring eggs, 
egg hunts 
eating chocolate bunnies.
What could be better? 
Personally, I find Easter to be one of my favorite holidays to celebrate!
Also known as Resurrection Day.
Easter marks the end of Lent.
In my religious beliefs, I have such a great passion for what it stands for.
This day, holds a very deep and spiritual meaning to me.

Pietro Rotari (1707-1762)

back to the making of art and crafts!
Egg Carton Book 

Yes, you are right... 
this isn't the same color egg carton as the previous picture, I posted.
That is because...
before I could get photos of the completed book project
my neighbor dropped by, fell in love with the book, 
and had to purchase it as a gift for someone special.
How wonderful is that?!

There I was...
off the create another egg carton book.
Excited to show you all the finished art project, as promised!

I did add a painted trim to the pages,
slipped in a few wax paper sheets, telephone pages,  
and corrugated cardboard as well. 

Tied scrap ribbons, yarn, shoe laces, string, window screen, and more...
to the ring binders. 

There you have it!

Altered Corrugated Cardboard 

 I used corrugated cardboard, 
scrap papers, a printed-paper napkin, acrylic paint, and UHU glue.
Sized them up to be used as Easter cards. 
What fun to create.

Happy Saturday Everyone!