Thursday, March 22, 2012

Extreme Journalism - part 2

 Journaling... more "extreme" pages
Inspired by Juliana Coles.
Enjoy the journal pages, my visual process... 
as I share with you some of my work.
You can read all about my first attempt at this art journaling technique 

I am really starting to gather some insight.
My inner critic can not catch up with me... love that part!
As an artist, why do certain colors keep reappearing?
Why do I choose to make circles instead of squares?
Interesting... right? 
Using this technique for your own personal art journaling is amazing!! 

 Random, quick response, scribble with crayons, 
smear paint, make a mess (no one is looking!),
cut images, add text and wording,
move on to the next page....

Want to give it a try...?
Happy Thursday!


  1. oh April... SO much yummy art in these pages!! They are all amazing. I kept going from one to another, thinking "this is my favorite"... "no wait, THIS is my favorite. No, this one!" I love how you really let loose in every one of them, and yes, the same things intrigue me (why circles & not squares? Why red and not blue? etc..) You have such a kind heart to share all of these. THANK YOU. This girl appreciates your art BIG TIME (as my teenage son would say). xoxo

    1. Thank you, Pauline!
      Yes... "letting loose" is what it is all about, when using this process :]
      Realization is starting to surface!!!

  2. Such a great journaling exercise! I really enjoy looking through all of them, and while I don't think the end result "matters", I really like the first and last pages. I like the idea that with so much output you can start seeing color and shape interesting!

    1. Hello, Andria!
      I agree... the end result is not important, it is all in the process. These pages have no beginning or end :]
      Yes, you can see as I continue this process, the less I allow my "inner critic" to engage.
      I am using a composition book, tons of pages to go... !!!!

  3. Fantastic journal pages!!! I love them all! I can't get over how great they are! These are the kinds of pages that I wish I could make, but there is something keeping me back. I'm thinking, maybe I'll go with that theme and see what happens! Great job!!!

    1. Thank you, Karenann! :]
      It is funny you say that, because that is what I would say... about other artists pages too.
      Honestly. I am always trying to find away to create "loosely".
      With having a graphic design background, our layouts always had to be printer ready. No mistakes, perfect lines, fill in solid colors, etc. madness I tell you!! ( LOL )
      Hope you find these pages helpful and inspiring. As I mentioned to Andria, I am using a composition book, tons of pages.
      I love the fact, the paper is getting messy, and all wrinkled, makes for a "chunky" book :]

  4. Hi April! These are great! My favorite pages are the sleep deprived page and Chicken scratch! Just wonderful!

    1. Hi Fran! :]
      So nice to have you visit here, today. ((hugs))
      Thank you for your positive feedback. I have only just begun!!!
      Iam really enjoying this "extreme" journaling process. No place for my "inner critic" here... no sir.
      It is interesting to hear, what draws interest to other artists.
      Take for instance, you stated that your favorite was the sleep deprived and the chicken scratch.
      Now, was it the layout, colors, images, statements made... or was it more on a personal level of thought?!
      Interesting, right? :]

  5. Fantatsic pages, so full of life and vibrant! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Your pages are just FANTASTIC! I can't choose a favourite as they are all so good, April.

  7. These are so cool! My favs are the first one (LOVE it)...the problems page, and fade away.

  8. such beautifully expressive and thoughtful pieces (despite the fact that you're not supposed to think). some amazing messages are coming out through these. it looks like a great technique! xx

  9. Very nice! There is quite a bit of fun here, even in serious topics. Your work reminds me also of Linda Woods & Karen Dinino's Visual Chronicles.