Saturday, March 10, 2012

Extreme Journalism

** Juliana Coles **
Juliana developed a unique process that combines 
journal writing with art making in a book format 
to uncover signs and symbols 
from the unconscious.

The whole concept to creating this journal is to work in the moment. 
To not be concerned with making art or a pretty picture.
An Extreme Visual Journal is more about gathering information;
symbols for us to decode.
Here are a few artist how were willing to share their process.

**  Extreme Journalism **
I personally, found this technique of visual art journalism 
very liberating and self discovering.
I wish to share with you, several of my "extreme" pages...

I enjoyed the whole process of pushing through!

Not responding to  my "inner- critic" allowed self discovery.

 Just running with self expression was very liberating! 

What do you think, do you wish to give it a try...?

Have an extremely wonderful Saturday!


  1. I love your pages! And thanks for yet another great link. You find the best ones!!

    1. Thank you stopping by for a visit, Janet!
      Enjoy... this was really fun.
      Take care ((hugs))

  2. Beautiful! You are awesome! I'm so in love the way I already journal that I'll have to think about it... extreme journaling... hmmm! I will check out the link! Thanks for sharing...

    1. Hello Renee!
      Yes, do explore... that is what creating art is all about anyways, right?!
      Thank you for stopping by, love the company ((hugs))

  3. Love what you have made, it's a very interesting idea! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Hello!
      So glad you stopped by for a visit today :]
      I agree... this was a very interesting progress, loved it.
      It was very liberating and self discovery was revealed.
      Just I would share, enjoy the technique.

  4. I enjoyed seeing your extreme journaling pages, April...thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Andria!
      Thank you, glad you enjoyed you visit.
      This was such a wonderful experience, I've got more photos to share... stick around :]
      To my surprise, this composition book is really getting "chunky", love it!

  5. Your extreme pages are fabulous, April. There's nothing like letting go of that inner critic! I look forward to the next photos.

  6. I am certainly intrigued... You've made wonderful pages April. xx

  7. I really enjoyed seeing your take on this, because you used a composition notebook, as do I. Your work is inspiring me to see how far I can go in one today!! Thanks!