Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Painted Papers

One of my favorite artist is
Regina Lord

I visit her blog regularly.
Regina happen to post an article on her hand painted paper
She gives you the break down on how to create some of your very own.
I give credit where credit is due... 
Regina's paper is wonderful to see!


I would have to agree with Regina, 
the paper is perfect to use for collage work.
The paper is thin, but even after painting it, it remains flexible and sturdy!

Have a creative Tuesday! 


  1. Beautiful! I checked out Regina's tutorial. Thanks for yet another great link.

    Now I have to put painter's masking paper on my list of things to find!!

  2. I enjoyed looking at Regina Lord's processes with making the paper and rubber stamps :) Thanks for sharing April :)

  3. So pretty! I'm off to check it out! Thanks April xx

  4. More wonderful bits of loveliness - thank you!

  5. I "thought" that we had some of that paper from years ago and I looked for it in our shed but couldn't find any. I was going to go out to buy some, but I'm so tired from insomnia, that I thought it was better to stay home. I can drive, but I'm not sure my reflexes are that good for other drivers! So just now, DH went out to get his car washed and I asked him to look for me since he is taller and sure enough, he came up with two rolls of different widths!!! Now I'm going back to Regina's site to see how she does the painting and stamping!! Thanks for the great site!

    1. Have fun, Karenann! :]
      Can not wait to see the results...