Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday

"Diligence is a good thing,
but taking things easy is much more restful."

What is your spirit wishing for?
** A place to rest **

I am not asking to hide away, just some peaceful quietness. 
The simplicity of hearing my own thoughts...
what a settled spirit I would be.

The rest of the world can go about...
as for myself, 
I wish to slow it down and hear myself breathe!

Give me lots of place and room between... this will do my spirit good.
I no longer have the want or desire for the city life.
There is nothing appealing to me about 
large crowds, heavy traffic, or a ton of noise.
(sometimes I can not even hear myself think!)

I have lived in the city for way too long, I know it!
It has become overwhelming for me.
I can feel it, 
deep down in my soul... 
I am anxious all day and restless by night.
** It is time to have a peaceful place to rest **

What does your spirit wish for...?


  1. I love your wish, and the graceful way in which it is written.

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  2. Beautiful wish... and pictures. As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you.

  3. Great wish. As April wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  4. I wish your spirit some peaceful TLC, April. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  5. Oh darling April, this is so similar to my wish. In fact I could have written some of the same things myself. As you wish for yourself, I wholeheartedly wish for you as well!

  6. I feel your wish April.. I do.. as you wish... I wish for you also. I can totally relate to this! xo hugs

  7. A long time ago I lived in the city for a few years. It was good for a while but being raised in the suburbs, I moved back out to where there was plenty of parking and grass :)Still, I've always thought that everyone should live in the city at least once in their lifetime. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you too!

  8. I'm grateful everyday to no longer live in the city...I'm a country girl at heart and now I'm living it! As you wish April, I wish for you too!

  9. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also! I really hope you can hear your heart beat! :)

  10. I understand your need absolutely. However the countrysie you wish to escape to comes with noises of its own.
    Wishing you much peace and quiet.

    1. Yes, this is true.
      I've had the opportunity to experience that as well...
      I will trade it anytime! :]

  11. I'm wishing you quiet, stillness, and space. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

  12. Wonderful wish. Quiet can be the most recharging thing and it's important to allow yourself that time. As you wish for yourself, so I truly wish for you also.

  13. I really equate with this right now; may we both find some rest.
    I love the picture of the tea cup.

  14. Oh April, i had such a nice visit here, catching up to a few posts... i love your Irish ATC cards, and those links to so many great projects!! So much fun.
    Hmmm, what do i wish for? Well, at this time of the year, where it's been winter for the past 5 months and cabin fever is in my bones - i wish for adventure in a far away land, somewhere warm and sunny and peaceful and colourful. With good food. And wine. :-)
    Thanks for the wonderful posts April! xoxo

  15. Great wish April! Some days I feel the same too. As well as a much, much less simpler existence. I am working towards it but some days it feels like forever.

    I hope your wish gets realized!

  16. Thank you Ladies... for wishing along beside me! ((hugs))