Tuesday, May 1, 2012

29 Faces In May...

Day 1
work in progress...

 acrylic painted flowers for her hair.

A watercolor sketch...

painted on vintage book paper.

Sprayed matte finish, waiting for artwork to dry.
Once she is dry...
I will gather all the collective pieces and place them on a painted surface.

I am participating here.
Join me
 The Month of May
You will be seeing posts of the project regularly, 29 days to be exact!
You are welcome to follow along.
I do hope to enjoy being apart of my artful journey...
the process, and the experiences I share along the way.

I decided to sign up for this challenge for a number of reasons.

To stay on task with completing an art project.

Seeking motivation and encouragement from others.

Growth and developing skills.

Allowing the process to become a daily habit. 

Let the journey begin...
(The tab reading 29 Faces at the top, is where all completed faces will be posted)

Happy Tuesday!