Tuesday, May 29, 2012

29 Faces In May...

All 29 paintings.

This was one of the most amazing challenges, I have ever participated in.
This was a whole month of 
Self reflection
Faced with overcoming.
Art therapy
Giving permission to let go.
Move forward.
Continue to grow.

I want to thank 
who stopped by for a visit, during the whole month of May, to view my FACES.

A special 
for those of you who took the time to leave a comment
such words of encouragement.

29 Faces Series
This was a journey, a process... to take the next step.
I have been wishing, wanting, then waiting to paint again.
Honestly, there was nothing holding ME back, but ME!
All I needed was a push...

Face #26
4" x 4" mini canvas

 Face #27
 4" x 4" mini canvas

Face # 28
4" x 4" mini canvas

 Face #29

5" x 7" canvas

Now... for more exciting news
All original paintings will be for sale!

I will be taking some time off.
Studio will be closed temperately.
There is exciting things going on in my art studio,  
which I will be more than happy to share with all of you!
(posting will return to normal 6/11/12)
I will continue sharing this artful journey with you ... in the weeks to follow.

For starters...
I need to finish placing a clear acrylic coat on all the paintings.
Upload photos.
I will be creating an online marketplace,
 where you will be able browse and purchase 
originals or prints of this series. 
Yes, I will create a collage of all 29 Faces In May.
Create a art journal page.
A local gallery wishes to review the paintings for a possible upcoming show.

As sad as I am to see this challenge come to a close...
I am grateful for the courage this has given me.
That I can place a 'VALUE" on my paintings.
Most of all...except who I am

Happy Tuesday!