Friday, May 11, 2012

Inspired By Marc Chagall

The habit of ignoring Nature is deeply implanted in our times.
This attitude reminds me of people 
who never look you in the ye;
I find them disturbing and always have to look away.

29 Faces In May
Face #9

Amazingly... I got this sketch to fit on the mini canvas!
I really did not know where this painting was going to lead me.
Once I got started with the painting process...
I felt as if, all the elements where dancing around the canvas.
This lead me to believe I was in a dream-like state...
which of course, artist Marc Chagall, was my inspiration. 

Working on sketch #10
I am feeling "BLUE" today... not in a bad way at all! 
I thinking more towards the ocean, we will see.
I do not know how my paintings will end up...
that is the most exciting part of the process to me!

Happy Friday!